Sunday, September 23, 2018

44: Steeple in Early Autumn


  1. Bill--I lied. Went back and found you have an LG Stylo 3. It's pretty big! I will look on eBay for case prices.


  2. Bill--LG Stylo 3 cases, big variety, often with stand and holster, free shipping, run about five to ten dollars on eBay.


    1. Thanks, Alan. On checking, I see that I had not grasped the distinction between a case and a holster. What I was referring to is properly described as a holster. The other item I ordered from Amazon at the some time is a case, but it is so hard to get open I consider it unusable. And I don't see the need, since the holster is stiff enough and sturdy enough to serve the purpose. So I'll just use the holster as a case and leave it at that. (The holster still has a working belt clip, but I wouldn't trust it except with a belt narrow enough to fit entirely within the clip.)

    2. Don't know if you'd be interested in this. It has mixed reviews and might be difficult. Still, here's the link:

      LG Stylo 3 case

      Also, see the search results page:

      Search Results

      Most of the designs don't look terribly appropriate for you, and the prices Alan found on ebay are better. Still, it might be worth a look. Except for that first one I linked separately, which is a soft case, they mostly seem to be hard cases.

    3. Thanks for the concern. But it seems to me that the holster, even though it no longer functions as a holster, still serves the function I expect from a case. That is, it protects the screen and keeps the phone from being accidentally activated while it is in my pocket.

  3. I have been reading "Fear" by Bob Woodward and recently started "Everything Trump touches Dies" by Rick Wilson. I bought them at actual bookstores rather than Amazon. As I was leaving Barnes & Noble I spied a book on the sale table: "Hugs from Obama". The book has full page pictures of Obama's interactions with others, both children and adults and one of his quotes on the facing page.

    I must say I'm enjoying Rick Wilson's book more than Woodward's. Woodward's book reads like a thesis, factual but dry. Rick Wilson has no f*cks left to give and his spits it right out curses and all, which is pretty much the way I talk. I disagree with his political stances but I'm all in for his hate for Trump.

    The book about Obama is a soothing relief to the two afore-mentioned books. It is a feel-good book and Lord knows we need that these days! It makes me a little sad for what was, but it's a comfort after all the raging anger I feel these days.

  4. Long day today—up at 5AM, big get-together with lots of work for us, then home tired. My contribution to the thread is the political comics I particularly noted in today’s newspaper:

    Dagwood continues to evolve! [Click] He and Blondie go way back with evolution; they premiered just before the 1929 stock market crash as a wealthy young couple, then quickly adjusted to their changed circumstances thereafter.

    Doonesbury: Draining the swamp. [Click]


  5. Kavanaugh Is Only Worsening the GOP’s Gender Problem [Click]
    And two or three new accusers have surfaced…[Click]

    Democrats Have a Massive Turnout Lead [Click] I must admit that I am looking forward to voting with more than ordinary enthusiasm; I am close to counting the days, and it even occurred to me to vote at the County Clerk’s office on the first possible day instead of waiting for my mail ballot.