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74 Wildfires Burning in Western States...!!!

That photo is just a sweet bonfire by the lake.  The fires in the west are not so pretty!  Have a look:

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Watching Irma

So, have you been following news of the hurricane in the Atlantic?  

This could be as bad as Houston, in many ways.  Check out these graphics, then meet me below.

Latest satellite image: "Here's lookin' at you, kid."

So, the 5th largest Category 5 hurricane on record is marching across the Caribbean, and it is still intensifying.  If it increases by just 5mph, it will tie with the strongest hurricane in recorded history, Hurricane Allen in 1980.  In the first graphic it looks like the darn thing is going to go into the Gulf of Mexico, where the waters are extra warm and the result cannot be good.  But, there are two Highs that may cause the hurricane to turn.  It could very well rake through Florida and beyond.  That is, at the moment, the most likely scenario.  But there are other possibilities too.  We'll know a lot more as each day passes.  Meanwhile, here is a very helpful video that explains it well.  Mind you, this is already slightly outdated.  I think a turn out to sea is now off the table.  But this definitely bears watching.  And keep saving your pennies.  Send half to flooded people and half to people fighting fires (Montana and more).  I sure wish we could share weather as needed!

More from Levi Cowan:

Live Webcam on St. Barth (Gustavia):

Monday, September 04, 2017

Labor Day 2017

Labor Day 1917

Who started Labor Day?

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The Real Rosie

For many decades, the woman who inspired the Rosie the Riveter poster was misidentified as Geraldine Hoff Doyle.  However, Naomi Parker-Fraley is the REAL Rosie, and this wasn't known until last year when she turned 95.