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In LothLorien

LothLorien, Lord of the Rings

Leaf of Lorien

~ Lord of the Rings

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Painting by Joan Baez...

 To Dr. Anthony Fauci

Dear Dr. Fauci,

I’ve painted your portrait to honor you and all you are doing for us and for the world. It will be a part of my second art exhibit of “Mischief Makers,” paintings of people who have made meaningful social change without the use of violence.  

I don’t imagine you’ve ever thought of it this way, but you are engaging in nonviolent resistance every time you stand in front of the cameras and attempt to educate the public on how to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. You cheerfully continue your task, surrounded by people who are dreaming up every way possible to discredit you and what you bring to us: common sense, scientific facts, some warmth, a bit of humor, and towering moral fortitude. Telling the truth is out of favor with the rich and powerful, particularly these days. You speak truth to their dominion. You take a big risk in doing so.

Corragio, Dr. Anthony Fauci!

If my friends and I can ever be of help to you, you need only let us know. We’ve got your back.

Joan Baez

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