Saturday, February 13, 2010


I haven't had time to post anything lately, but here are the details about the Haloscan/Echo change so that you will have them for reference...

Haloscan, the legacy comment system that JS-Kit acquired last year, is physically starting to fail (the software and hardware). In order to minimize the disruption for users and avoid a hard stop, we have worked hard to provide two ways to transition off the system.

This transition will happen in batches of users over the course of a couple of months. The first batch of users will start getting a notice of the upgrade right away on their Haloscan admin dashboard.

Once presented with the upgrade message, Haloscan users will have 2 weeks to make a decision. You will have the following two options.

1. Upgrade to Echo for a 30 day free Trial and then $12/year - all your comment data will be transitioned over automatically. Read below for important information about Echo.
2. Export your Haloscan comment data and turn off their service – Haloscan comment importers are on the way from various vendors.

If you do not choose a specific path within the 2 weeks notice, you will be upgraded to the Echo trial automatically.

While Haloscan has been a trusted friend for many and we recognize that change is always difficult and daunting, however we hope that the new features, great support and constant innovation on the Echo platform will offset the challenges of any switch.

Please note that Echo is NOT Haloscan.

While Echo fundamentally allows users to comment on your posts, it is not the same as Haloscan – it is not designed to be. It has a slightly different feature set and a different vision and roadmap. We appreciate your patience when trying to learn and adjust to its different approach.

At the current time, we do not plan on adding any additional Haloscan features to Echo, however please log your requests on the support forum and we will try to prioritize things if they fit into the broader Echo roadmap

Right now we are in the 30 day free trial. Already I have discovered that I can't seem to access the Echo comments via my Blackberry. It seems to me that our alternatives are Echo or a return to the Blogger commenting system--unless anyone is aware of another reasonable option. (So far I'm not particularly wild about the admin interface.)


Ah, Romance...


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Happy Snowflake Bentley's Birthday!

This is the general store in the hometown of Wilson A. "Snowflake" Bentley (also the town in which listener lives). It is the oldest continuously running general store in Vermont.

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It's Monday

Any bunny need a hug?


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Cats know all about Solitude Sabbaths...

They practice sabbath about every 45 minutes. ;-)