Saturday, December 29, 2007

Changing the party by using the primaries. Dean 2004

One reason my husband and I have donated to candidates in other states through DFA, Act Blue, and email to bring change with our votes. Maybe not so much "left vs right" change, but change in the mindset of our Democrats....

From what we have seen lately, it will be slow going to bring that change. We have decided we are not going to vote in the primary this time for the presidential nominee, but we will for sure support the nominee in the general election. It is crucial we get a Democrat in the White House this time. The choice on the Republican side is just plain too scary to do otherwise. BUT...that may be the last time we do that.

No, we have not fallen for the theme that this is the most important vote in our lifetime the way we did in 04. However, this will probably be the last time we vote Democratic just to say we did.

Besides, I would like to see the Democrats win the presidency with Howard Dean as chairman. After that...well, who knows.

I was rereading some stuff from notes I took when I was reading Dean's "You Have the Power" from 2004.

He made it clear that the only way to get people to stop voting against Democratic ideals is to "primary them."

"Democrats shouldn't be crossing party lines to help Republican ideology dominate, or breaking ranks to vote for measures like the Medicare prescription bill...."

"In the future there should be consequences for Democrats who do. For one thing, there is no reason not to pose primary challenges to Democratic incumbents who vote with the Republicans on critical Democratic priorities."

He points out how when our conservative Democrats vote with the right gives ammunition to the moderate Republicans not to have to stand up for things.

"When our own folks vote with Tom DeLay, it means that DeLay, who is not stupid, gets to go to congressional Republicans in moderate districts and tell them he doesn't need their vote to pass his right wing bill because he has enough Democratic votes to win. The "moderate" Republicans can go home and tell their constituents that they "stood up against" Tom DeLay while keeping him in power by voting for him as leader and falling in line with him on not-so-high-profile pieces of legislation.

I'm not trying to purge points of view from Congress. I like the idea of an inclusive party. If our opponents were reasonable people who shared our basic core values about fairness and decency, I'd think that by all means Democrats should have the freedom to vote with them if their consciences prodded them to do so."

And his point there is clear. We are not dealing with reasonable people who share our values.

"We're fighting now for the future of our country and the future of democracy. To vote with the Republicans is to let extremism get the upper hand. In the past, our party's own ideal about inclusiveness kept us from having the necessary tools to fight. We need to toughen up. We can't afford to be divided by members peeling off on issues that touch upon our deeply held beliefs."

We don't need to march in lockstep on every vote. But on critical votes that touch on our key issues, Democrats can not abandon their core values. The history of the twentieth century teaches that we must never compromise with extremists."

His term with the DNC will be up soon. I imagine he will have no shortage of choices. In the back of my mind I hope against hope that he will continue along the lines of working outside the party with DFA or similar groups. It would pay off in so many ways.

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A weekend Open Thread which asks:
What creatures roam your yard or area?

~ photo of Yearling by listener's friend Mary.

We have four deer who like to "clean up" our bird feeders each night. I know life could be tougher because my friend Mary has four bears who like to "tend" her bird feeders, given the chance. Still, the deer were eating so much each night that this week I moved one of the feeders closer to the house, and it has worked great! Son*in*NC tells me that feeders near the house are actually safer for the birds. I was worried they'd hit the windows more, but he said that we may have a few more hit the window, but as they'd just be starting to fly they wouldn't have gotten their speed up yet.

Interesting. I wish the same held true for political candidates. Of course, watch out what you feed them!
And watch out for how much they're eating up of your resources when you're not looking. ;-)

♥ ~ listener

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Another Open Thread

Here's a new thread, since the last one was getting kinda full.

In memoriam Benazir Bhutto

Who Tried to Kill Benazir Bhutto? (Oct. 24, 2007)
NPR Coverage
PBS News Hour Coverage
BBC Coverage (Check righthand sidebar for related items)
Al Jazeera Coverage


Feel free to share any interesting stories of the day, if you've got them.

Egypt to copyright pyramids

Also, I've added a few shared items here.

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Star

photo credit

Shimmering through the snowfall of stars a song,

Sprung from the throne of the Lamb, falls in joy
Too clamorous for Man's closed heart to hear
And spills into Light, unlocking love long shackled.
For, the God we feared and fled as a wrathful father
We cherish as a child, cold and houseless. So the Star,

In place of the hearth-fire, warms Him and welcomes
The stumbling traveler to stave his sin with Love.

- Cat

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Santa Paws

Posted on the Weather Underground Northeast Weather site
"Rain for most Sunday; White Christmas?" thread. post: 20. Alleyoops 2:05 PM GMT on December 24, 2007

Pic and weather report from listener

A peaceful and joyous Christmas to all HEP cats!

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve Open Thread

Tidings of comfort and joy, and all that jazz. Hope everyone is having a great day.

Update: My brother just told me about this web site with weird nativity scenes.

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Reports from the blogger's brunch

From the comments

Hi, all,

Just back from Donna's brunch. Really glad I got to meet Renee and Demetrius as well as Donna and Denise. And everybody who wasn't there missed some really wonderful food. Don't know what those lox and goat cheese crackers did to my salt count, but for the moment, who cares?
Bill Thomasson 12.23.07 - 6:49 pm

Thanks Bill. It was great to meet you too. We (or at least I) had a wonderful afternoon. Sydney and Brady got along great as dogs will. They sniffed each other and then ignored each other for the rest of the day.

I will be eating leftovers for days. I know, I know, I said I'd bring them here, but I can't figure out how to send them through the Internet tubes.

The food was pretty good, if I say so myself. Of course, everything goes better with Mimosas.
donna in evanston 12.23.07 - 7:06 pm

Demetrius took a picture of the canine contingent of the bloggers' brunch...

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Introducing Zhen Zhen

Mama and baby are doing well, and soooo derned cute!

Read the story

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