Saturday, May 28, 2022

Friday, May 27, 2022

So...this happened...

Thursday: I was at my eye doctor with dilated eyes when I discovered a voicemail from my 90 yo duplex neighbour (who was apparently standing on my front porch at the time), telling me that a huge tree had come down.  She was calling to ask if I was upstairs and could I come out?  I was not only not home, but Wil was with me, so I wouldn’t have to drive home with dilated eyes.  Anyway, I was attempting to call her back and somehow tapped puddle's name instead of hers, and woke her up from a sound sleep.  I was as confused as she!  Well, my eyes
were dilated, so my vision wasn’t the best. It wasn’t until I could speak with my neighbour that I learned a huge Maple had fallen across our road, not our driveway (or our roof!).  =Whew!= 

It’s the old Maple that the elementary school used to tap.  Sad to see it go. Apparently it’s been “going” for a long time...hollow inside and full of Carpenter Ants.  Sigh.  I hope puddle was able to get back to sleep.



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