Saturday, August 01, 2009

Benny the Magic Bunny Lives!

Can't sleep...again. Have the song "Benny the Magic Bunny" stuck in my head. It's one of the songs I danced to in the ballet/tap class I took when I was 5. The last time I got one of these songs in my head, it was "All I want is a happy hippopotomus", and I was disappointed not to be able to find it online--although at least I was reassured that I wasn't imagining things, and such a song did exist.

Benny, Rabbit Magician, by contrast, lives on. And groups of little girls are still doing the same dance moves to the song celebrating this trailblazing role model who was an inspiration to lagomorphs everywhere. They didn't have to settle for being merely props in magic acts. They could be the stars, baby!


Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy birthday, Paul in Illinois

Hope it's a good one!


Thursday, July 30, 2009

Open Thread (with whining)

Featuring some shameless product placement/self-promotion.

Back to school? OH NOES shirt
Back to school? OH NOES by catofmanyhats
Many tshirt designs available at

That's our daughter's store, with items featuring her cat, Stevie. here's the link to our store at Zazzle. It still needs a lot of work, but we're further along with that than we are with E-Shirt, Skreened, and Spreadshirt.

The thing is, we spent a lot more time building up our store at CafePress than any of the other print on demand stores. First, the interface seemed a lot more straightforward, and secondly, it seemed possible to make a lot more money there. The recent changes limiting how much we can make on marketplace sales have really hurt our income. We still believe we can make up much of the difference by building up those other stores. But it's tedious work, and takes a lot of time. With the court thing hanging over our heads, it's been even harder to focus on that.

I had some of my best success actually getting some work done when I was away from home and could work on my laptop. I just have the hardest time focussing on anything at home, what with the stuff we have hanging over our heads (the court thing, and the fact that after that's over with, we still need to sort out Son's school situation for this upcoming school year), and both kids being home on break.

Our anniversary is this Saturday. Don't have anything planned yet. Frankly it's hard to feel especially celebratory at the moment. Of course, I'm thankful that we still have each other--for 22 years now.

I need to take off for the other side of town now, to teach an almost 5 hour long class. Thanks for putting up with my venting.


Sunday, July 26, 2009

A Kitten and a computer...

A purrrr-fect combination.

Photo from our friends at The Daily Kitten