Thursday, April 30, 2009

DemocracyFest Scholarship Program (Apply or Contribute)

One of the founding goals of DemocracyFest is to produce an event that is affordable for all liberal/progressive activists to participate in. That is why we are probably one the most neurotic Board of Directors out there when it comes to being fiscally conservative with our budget and keeping our ticket prices as low as possible (about 1/4 the cost of attending similar political conferences).

DemocracyFest is a political festival for liberal/progressive activists which features trainings, speakers and entertainment; teaching people how to make a difference and have fun doing it! Prior DemocracyFests have been held in Massachusetts, Texas, California, New Hampshire and Virginia. Over 4,000 activists have been trained to help on campaigns and make a difference in their communities. The 6th Annual DemocracyFest will be held July 17th-19th in Burlington, VT. Full event tickets are only $55 and can be purchased here:

However, we realize that no matter how low we can keep our ticket prices, there will always be activists out there who really want to attend, but do not have the financial resources to afford any ticket cost, and that is why we have the DemocracyFest Scholarship Program. If you are in need of a scholarship, please apply here:

Apply For A Scholarship

DemocracyFest is very proud to say that we have never turned down a scholarship applicant who wants to attend, but can not afford to do so. Making DemocracyFest accessible to activists from all economic standings in life is so important to us that members of our all-volunteer Board of Directors have even used our own personal money to fund these scholarships when necessary. But none of us are rich (far from it!) and we can't afford to pay for every scholarship applicant ourselves. Can you help? Our direct cost for each scholarship attendee is $100 (includes 2 meals and a shared hotel room). You can contribute $100 to sponsor a scholarship applicant here:

Sponsor A Scholarship

Thank you for supporting DemocracyFest and our Scholarship Program!

David, Denise, Ellen, Jessica, Laurie and Quintus
The DemocracyFest Team

Wednesday, April 29, 2009