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Ice Falls


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Snowstorm Imminent


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🕯It's Candlemas! 🕯


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Sunday, January 30, 2022

🎉Ally Mae is 15 years old today! 💜

On January 7th, Grandniece Ally marked 12 years cancer free, from a highly aggressive cancer. Now she is 15. A living miracle. Ally is on TV today, her 15th birthday, on Cook's Corner, a local cooking show on WMUR-TV in NH, making coffee cake.

Here's the link to see Ally on TV! She did the show with such grace and confidence! Since Ally's virulent neuroblastoma cancer was on her stomach wall (found just after her 1st birthday!), she had to be fed through a tube. For several years after treatments she was having some "failure to thrive" issues from not really being interested in eating. But look at her now! She has taken gourmet cooking classes and is doing great! 
I know that some of you were part of that journey through Ally's treatments and thought you might appreciate seeing how far she has come. Thank you so much for the support in those years. (Wow, we've been together a long time, eh?)