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So, I've been reading about how my ancestors got to Ireland and Scotland. Turns out a few came from the Russian Steppes/Norway into Ireland or Scotland in the first wave of invasion. More came from Denmark/Sweden in the second wave of invasion. All of these were called "Vikings." The big surprise was finding that there was a third wave of invasion from the area of Northern Spain and Portugal called the Iberian Peninsula. I have Iberian Peninsula in my ancestry too. It turns out there were Vikings there as well. So my heritage is primarily from the three waves of invasion into Ireland and Scotland and it just might be that if you go back far enough I'm pretty much all Viking. Wow. I hope my stance on non-violence has brought a little much needed balance to my bloodline. I mean, hey, I'm a Hufflepuff. Y'know?   ~ listener

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American Robin

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His name's Jim.

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Bra gjort, Norway! [Well done, Norway!]

Hi, we’re the Aanenson Family, Bjorn and Siggy. We live in Norway and understand that President Donald Trump has extended a warm invitation to us to move to America. After careful deliberation we would like to inform the President of the quality of life we to the Top 10. 
The Subjective Happiness Scale...Ranks Norway the highest among Developed Countries, the USA is #14. 
Healthcare...Is virtually free, paid by general taxes. A doctor visit is $21 with a maximum out of pocket of $1,817 per year. The quality is excellent and the public satisfaction rate is very high. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) it is ranked #11, the USA is #38. 
Environment...We believe in Global Warming and proudly support the Paris Climate Accords. With 32,000 electric cars, we have the highest rate per capita in the world. Our air and water quality is pristine. 
Pension system...All Citizens enjoy a state pension in addition to the private pension plan offered by their employers. Poverty is nonexistent for the elderly. 
Education...We spend 6.6% of our GDP on education which provides for the highest level of education in the world. The cost of college is either extremely low or free for most students.
Family friendly workplace...Both the mother and father receive 12 weeks of PAID leave during the first 3 years following childbirth. The work week is 37.5 hours, 6 weeks vacation time and 25 holidays.
Booming Economy...Capitalism is thriving with a robust stock market and low unemployment. 
Modern Infrastructure...Roads, bridges, airports, public parks and facilities are very modern and meticulously maintained.
Low crime rate...There are only 4,000 prisoners of the 5,000,000 population...80/100,000 vs USA rate of 721/100,000. The recidivism crime rate is very low because the rehabilitation and skill programs are very progressive. Our government does not allow for profiteering off the plight of prisoners. 
Functioning Political Parties...As a Parliamentary Democracy, government business is conducted in a dignified and bipartisan manner. 
We want to thank The Donald for his offer.
However, if we ever decide to exchange the lifestyle above for the an opportunity to live in a country lead by an Anti-Climate Change, Anti-Earth, Anti-Immigrant, Anti-Public Education, Anti-Union, Anti-Peace Treaty, Ignorant, misogynistic, hate mongering, narcissistic, emotionally crippled, greedy, dictatorial, pathological lying, hard core racist, we’ll let you know.
Stand by!