Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sarah Palin Disney Trailer

I thought this was kind of funny.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday Open Thread


Thursday, September 25, 2008

Psychic Beetle Open Thread

Since we definitely needed two cars today, I kept the car with the "ESP" for another day. This has been an intensely stressful week, so the luxury of driving an adorable new air conditioned vehicle for a couple days was very much appreciated.

Anyway, I've survived my first week of teaching for the quarter. Tomorrow morning--too darn early--we have that preliminary meeting about Son's IEP. Wish us luck finding some way to convince people to think outside the box a bit, so that we can find a solution to this "mandatory laptop" policy. Specifically, a solution that doesn't involve entrusting our son with the care of an expensive, leased laptop, and making us bear the financial responsibility if something happens to it.

And as usual, talk amongst yourselves about whatever strikes your fancy.


Smart Car

Rented a car for my first day of class this quarter. It's always a trip to see the features they have on newer cars--stuff that never would have occurred to me. I read in the manual about a "rain sensor", for example. But this feature caught me completely by surprise.

ESP? Who'd have thunk it? ;)


Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This wooden sign was constructed by listener's Hubby, then lettered by listener,
because their daughter is Chair of the Democrats of the Kennebunks.
{You don't suppose they'll mind if they find out two Independents made the sign, do you?  LOL!}

It was especially gratifying to discover that the sign might well be seen by the Bushes.
This office is in addition to the office in Dock Square, Kennebunkport,
and is intended to be a presence until the Election.
It is located in what is normally the Ice Cream Scoop Shoppe!  

We got to meet State Rep. Connor, who is up for reelection and whose name is on the sign.

Kudos to everyone who is working to unseat the Republican Administration!!


Monday, September 22, 2008

New addition

This is our daughter's new pet. She named him Vladimir. Apparently she had no idea the name was connected to vampires, or a Russian leader. She was looking up names and just liked the sound of it.

Yesterday was a somewhat less than ideal time to add a new critter to our home, but it's something Daughter has been anticipating for a long time, and the opportunity presented itself.

Well, I've got work to do. Should get back to it, I guess. Syllabus isn't going to write itself.