Saturday, May 10, 2008


This little fox kit is no Faux!
With three siblings as well, Mama Fox is very busy!
Remember busy moms on Mother's Day!

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Friday Open Thread

more cat pictures

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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

In gratitude

I've been having another dry spell with regard to blogging. Part of the reason is my busy schedule. Another part is just some garden-variety suckiness--some of it related to life with teenagers. But the news of Mildred Loving's death reminded me to be thankful that I have the luxury of facing such ordinary challenges in my family life. Thanks to Richard and Mildred Loving, at least I don't have to worry about being arrested for being married to my husband.

Last year was the 40th anniversary of the Loving v. Virginia ruling, which declared laws against interracial marriage unconstitutional. I was aware of that anniversary, but somehow missed the statement Mildred Loving made at that time. It's definitely worth a read.

Anyway, here's to the trailblazers.

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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Open Thread

(One of the songs on my water aerobics playlist)

Talk amongst yourselves.

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Monday, May 05, 2008

The Vermont Legislature Formally Supports our National Nurse!

Over the last few years I have been mentioning the National Nurse legislation making its way through Congress to my Representatives. Bernie Sanders was a co-sponsor of the original legislation, H.R. 4903, when he was in the House. VT Rep. Peter Welch's health aide assures me that he is willing to pick up that role when the bill is reintroduced in its new form, which incorporates ideas offered by various nursing groups around the country. Bernie Sanders, now a Vermont Senator, would likely sign on as a co-sponsor in the Senate as well.

Last fall, I asked my town representatives to introduce a Resolution in the Vermont House in support of the National Nurse legislation in Congress. One of my Reps is also the House Speaker, so was unable to be the initiating sponsor. She nonetheless signed on as a co-sponsor. My other town Rep said he would introduce the Resolution, but thought it would be stronger if introduced by a nurse. So he inspired a fellow Representative who is also a nurse to be the introducing sponsor. He also signed on. In fact, in all, 26 House members signed on as co-sponsors of J.R.H. (Joint Resolution of the House) 52. It was called a "joint" Resolution so it would not need to be started separately in the Vermont Senate.

To my surprise, the Resolution was sent to the House Health Care Committee. Most resolutions are generally passed as a courtesy. So now testimony was in order, and four of us were willing. The day the Committee scheduled it was a Tuesday, when I had to work, but two of the four were able to attend and did a great job. We other two sent a written testimony. I also wrote a letter of thanks to all 26 co-sponsors and sent them each an "I support the National Nurse" button, designed by our own ♥jc♥. Wonderfully, of the 11 Committee members, 8 of them had already signed on as co-sponsors. The Resolution passed out of Committee with a positive vote and passed on voice vote on the House floor.

Then it went over to the Senate side for a vote. I sent a letter of testimony to the Chair of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee. The Resolution was not sent to Committee in the Senate, but simply passed easily on voice vote. A Resolution is not signed by the Governor, by custom, Though I did hear that the Governor was not opposed.

The Vermont legislative session ended on Saturday, May 3rd. On Sunday, May 4th, my town Rep., Bill Frank, came by with two official copies of J.R.H. 52, one for me and one for Teri Mills, our beloved founder of the legislation! Hurrah! (Statehouse to door delivery!)

Hubby snapped this photo:

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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Sunday Open Thread

Some of these gave me a chuckle.

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