Saturday, April 07, 2012


Of all my paintings, this one seems most fitting for Holy Saturday, a rather gloomy, quiet, waiting day in the Christian calendar. I painted this after Daughter and I went to Edinburgh in March of 2006, and visited the castle. Most of all, I felt at home in the large, beautiful, ancient park. We were glad for our umbrellas, and it wasn't until the very end of the day that the clouds broke up a little and some sunlight hit the castle from one side. Daughter got a single photo of it before it was gone. We were downtown at a restaurant at the time, and when she saw it happen she simply darted out of the restaurant for a moment, without a word! Had she explained, she'd have missed it. So I painted this for her Thanksgiving Birthday gift that year, to thank her for taking her ol' Mom to Scotland and England first class (for my 50th birthday), and so we could both remember that golden moment. If you are observing Holy Saturday today, don't give up. The golden moment is yet to come.

Friday, April 06, 2012


 loving memory of Margaret Connelly, 18 Jan. 1914 - 4 Dec. 2011

This painting was done several years ago, but I never showed it to Margaret because the flower hadn't come out just right, and I couldn't figure out what it needed. Last week when I picked it up again, I was surprised to recognise ~ based on all the adjusting of photos I've done in recent years ~ that what it needed was a little stronger contrast. So I increased the darks and lights in the flower, then signed it as 2011, since it took only a wee bit of work, and that's when Margaret died.

For those observing, a blessed Good Friday to you. +
For those observing Passover this week, grab your sandals, be swift, and a good Pesach to you!

Thursday, April 05, 2012


This is the barn next to the Library where I work, in which we keep our used books and have book sales all Summer and into Fall.

Last year there was a Library workshop given by an artist who said that anyone who wanted to come and paint would get some pointers and learn some techniques. So I packed up all my supplies and went to the workshop. Turned out she only works in watercolour! The one pointer she gave me was to suggest that I use the natural effect of the mowing (which was slightly striped looking) to help the painting have a little pizzazz. So, against what I would normally have done, I did it, and I like the effect. I enjoyed painting this, even though I put it away that week and never finished it until this past week. It is a wonderful thing to pick up an oil painting after it is stone dry and see what layer you want to add next. It makes me very happy to paint!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012


This was my first attempt at water-soluble oils, or oil paints of any kind. My mother had painted with oils, but I never dared try anything more toxic than watercolours, with five children in the house. When the last was in college, I finally did, though, it was an epiphany for me. It seemed as though the paint understood what was in my heart! With watercolour you leave the white alone and add colour. With oils, you can even add white last! Moreover, I had read that with water-soluble oils you can work with very thick paint and it will dry fine, and never crack. Given that I painted this on a canvas sheet rather than a canvas board, and that it sat in my closet for ten years, even a little bent, and NONE of the thick paint cracked, I believe it...! This was only framed on Saturday night.

Tuesday, April 03, 2012


This is where Dr.*Son*in*ME and his bride were married on 27 September 2003...after which event Mah*Sweetie and I began volunteering for the Dean Campaign. The site is the home of the bride's late grandparents, then (and now) owned by the bride's mother. When you realise that the building under the tree is a full-sized shed, you begin to get a sense of how huge the Willow is. The priest was moved by seeing the tree at the rehearsal to use the Tree of Life as her wedding sermon theme. As this was also in the wake of the Tolkien movies, it was perfect for the wedding of a Wildlife Biologist to an English Lit major. This painting was my gift to them that Christmas, just after they had moved to NC, and the bride was feeling terribly homesick. It immediately became an heirloom to her, and that did my heart a world of good. Not bad for only my second oil painting ever.

Monday, April 02, 2012


Yesterday my first ever Art Exhibit opened at the Library! In all the flurry of getting ready I lost track of when I'd set up posts for the front page. Thank-you, puddle, for coming through on Sunday!! I hadn't intended this as an April's Fool joke. The joke was on (and the fool was) me! LOL! To compensate for being AWOL, click on the photo above and it gets big.

This was our wedding gift to Eldest and his bride, in 2006. I painted it with water-soluble oils and hadn't recalled it being so detailed! I wish I had that brush again...!

Sunday, April 01, 2012