Friday, July 10, 2009


UPDATE!  ALLY'S LEG LESIONS ARE GONE!!!  See details at Baby!

Friday, July 10, 2009 5:51 PM, EDT
We finally got word about Ally's scans around 4:30 today.

Her CT scan was the same (we expected that) and her MIBG scan showed less activity!!!

Back in February when Ally had lesions on her hips she wasn't showing the symptoms they expected. They just assumed at that time that it was neuroblastoma again. Now, they are not 100% sure about that. We are taking next week off of chemo again (good = another week off / bad = the chemo is working, we are worried 3 weeks off might set her back, but have put our trust in the doctors and hope they know what they are doing). On Thursday Ally's case will be discussed at the tumor board, and then next steps will be decided. Most likely another biopsy, which means surgery.

Good news for Ally's Daddy's Birthday today!!!


Great Aunt listener is laughing and crying at the same time and doesn't even care if it means she's insane! :-D

Thank you all so much for the prayers, vibes and caring!!!  ♥ ALLY LUIA!!! ♥


Just waiting for word about Ally...

This is listener's cat, Emma, hanging out on the back porch, waiting for word about Ally.
(Well, truth be told, Emma was waiting for Mr. Chippy...who did not come by.)


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

500 dogs taken from Texas "puppy mill"--donations needed

Found out about this via Twitter...

More than 500 dogs and puppies have been taken from what officials call a large puppy mill in Montague County .

According to the North Texas Humane Society, more than 50 volunteers worked through the holiday weekend to prepare for the arrival of the animals on Tuesday.

The canines will be temporarily housed at a warehouse donated by Chesapeake Energy.

Other companies have donated services, including connecting plumbing, electricity and air conditioning in the warehouse, officials said.

Additionally, PetSmart donated food and supplies for the animals.

To donate money and for adoption information, contact the Humane Society of North Texas at 817-332-4768 or log onto .