Friday, May 08, 2009

Jonah and the big fish

Attended the first week of a bible study series entitled Jonah, Refracted this week. The woman leading the class showed us some different illustrations of the Jonah story. Some of the art was very old whereas other versions, like the one seen here, were contemporary.

Something about the face on that fish amuses me, so I wanted to post it. It was a fun group, and there was lots of commentary about the different portrayals of Jonah. In response to this particular image, people were remarking on the look of terror that is captured on his face. Such an emotion is, of course, appropriate to the situation.

I was thinking of that when I saw this illustration on the airplane's safety instructions. This woman looks remarkably serene and unruffled. It doesn't even look like her hair is wet.


Sunday, May 03, 2009

This is a photo of a Cardinal's nest!  I took the photo on Sunday, May 3rd, after my next door neighbour called and invited me to do so.  The nest is in a juniper bush right beside her front door. To take the picture, I poked the camera lens into the bush and clicked.  It just took a few seconds and we didn't overly disturb the nest or the parents.  I may see if we can get a photo later on of the babies, the same way.

HAPPY SPRING!  Happy week before Mother's Day!  ♥