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Friday, April 25, 2008

Hillary and Barbie

I hate when this happens. I manage to write a long-ish comment (to this post at Plunderbund, which was referencing the image I posted last night), only to have the comment eaten by internet gremlins. Good thing I saved it to clipboard. Anyway, the following is in response to this discussion.

Haven't looked at the TNR thing close up, so can't really comment on it. Work has been mentally exhausting enough lately that I rarely feel like writing much at the end of the day. Occasionally there is some little nugget that will come together almost without effort--usually a response to something I've read. And sometimes what occurs to me will be an image.

I was thinking yesterday about how much I don't identify with Hillary or consider her to be a good role model or someone worthy of my "gender loyalty". Or whatever it's called. Anyway, it occurred to me that I wanted to Photoshop that image. Partly, I guess, because I never liked Barbie as a "role model", and the "Teen Talk" version that briefly uttered the words "math is hard" was kind of the epitome of that.

I thought I was going to write something about that, but by the time I got home, I realized that just wasn't going to happen.

Maybe I'll think of more to write about this later. But now, since I'm wiped out but need to go in to work tomorrow, I'm going to call it a night.

Update: Apparently the phrase was "math class is hard".

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Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Hope it's a good one!

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Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Daily Show takes on Hillary's "I'm winning" spin

The Daily Show did a segment on The Long, Flat, Seemingly Endless Bataan Death March To The White House last night. In addition to mocking the corporate media's penchant for overly dramatic life-and-death analogies, Jon Stewart took on the absurd metrics put forth by Hillary and her supporters. Culminating in:

So what it comes down to is that you would win the nomination if Democrats were Republicans? That sounds like one tremendous "if you" to the process.

The Colbert Report also had some fun with this subject.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Open Thread

I know some people consider the pun to be the lowest form of humor, but this one cracks me up.

humorous pictures

see more crazy cat pics

BTW, here's the link to the Pennsylvania Department of State's unofficial returns page.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Hillary fails to capture much needed high-margin victory in PA

With 22% of the vote counted, Clinton only leads Obama 53 to 47%, falling far short of the decisive win her campaign desperately needed. Results here.

Updated at 10 p.m. Eastern Time, with 47% of the vote in, the margin is now Clinton 54% to Obama 46%. Still nothing like the 20 point margin she enjoyed in Pennsylvania just a few weeks ago.

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You say it's your Earth Day...

It's my Earth Day too, yeah!

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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Bitter much?

Sorry to continue the front page griping about Clinton, but, dang, she's getting on my nerves....

After stressing the financial burdens Americans are suffering, problems with education, and more, Clinton stressed the critical decision these voters have to make. She jabbed her opponent, Sen. Barack Obama, who Saturday held his largest rally ever miles from the site where Clinton spoke.

“I don’t want to show up and give one of these whoop-de-do speeches and, you know, and just kind of get everybody whipped up," she said, "and those [of you who are for me] feel great and, you know, try to convince some of you to be for me.”

Clinton again made her argument that the White House is not a place for wimps, saying, “When you get into the general election and when you get into the White House, the stresses and pressures of the general election and the job are overwhelming. And we know we have to have a president ready on day one to take charge.”

Clinton refrained from criticizing the Republican frontrunner John McCain, and instead shared a story about their accommodations when they traveled oversees together.

Presumably, if Hillary Clinton received a visit from the Delegate Fairy, and somehow ended up securing the nomination, she would actually shift gears and turn her attacks on John McCain. At this point that's kind of hard to imagine, since the Clinton snark and condescension has thus far been reserved for Barack Obama and grassroots activists. And friends who end up endorsing Obama rather than Clinton.

Pennsylvania Democrats, please end thing for us.

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