Saturday, August 11, 2018

Purple Coneflower

Black River

puddle posted this on the last thread:

So, I took this photo, in my kitchen, for your appreciation: 

As you can see, it is good, thick bacon, fairly lean and very healthy.  We buy it at the market two miles from our house.   But there's more.  During the aftermath of Hurricane Irene (7 years ago this month), when the southern part of Vermont was devastated, Root*Center*Son was growing lots and lots of veggies for the food shelfs.  He had enough that he was able to send some to the towns that had lost everything.  But how to get it there?  Black River Produce stepped in.  They offered to bring the veggies to the towns, for free, in their trucks that were traveling the state anyway with Black River Produce.  (They don't just offer meats.)  Think of that.  They sell produce, but were transporting free produce.  Good people.

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