Tuesday, May 12, 2009

SUPPORT THE KITTIES! (But don't tell them about this nest.)

It's hatching day for the baby Cardinals next door! Our neighbour called over and invited me to slip by and take a quick photo. Apparently, my lens was set for close-up, which is too bad. I was in a hurry to click the photo and leave the area, as the parent bird was in the bush and startled when I arrived. She left the nest (to distract me), so I was able to get a photo. I definitely saw two babies, and there could be a third. Or one may not have hatched yet and be under one of the others. They sure are NEW! They look exhausted from all the effort of busting out of the egg. I hope to try to get another photo on Monday after I'm back from Maine. That may prove more challenging with the parents guarding their brood.


Monday, May 11, 2009

First they came for Charlie, now they’re coming for the kitties.

On Tuesday Evening the Alachua County Commission will hold a hearing concerning a “special exception permit” for Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary, Inc.

Haven Acres was established in 2003 by three people, including an experienced animal control officer, in an effort to “help the many stray, feral, and unwanted cats in Alachua County”. They purchased over eight acres of agriculturally zoned land in Alachua County. Given the zoning, they are permitted to have an unlimited number of farm animals, such as pigs or goats, but they can only have up to 20 cats without getting a special exception permit.

A group of people from High Springs, which is part of Alachua County have been fighting to prevent the cat sanctuary from getting this special exception permit. I’ve written about it in a post on my own blog, The Cat Farms of Florida. If you are interested in more of the background, please read my post there.

This isn’t the first time I’ve gotten all riled up about actions of ‘elected’ officials in Alachua County. I’m sure many of you remember the adventures of Citizen Grapski.

So, please, spread the word about Haven Acres Cat Sanctuary.


M A Y ~ Let the planting begin!

This is the daffodil my 20 month old granddaughter brought me for Mother's Day.