Wednesday, November 23, 2022

It's Pie Day! 🥧

Each year I delight in baking pies on the day before Thanksgiving. 
However, this year, my left wrist is having an issue with tendonitis, so we're buying two pies 
from the wonderful Red Hen Bakery nearby.  We ordered Pumpkin and Apple, and I'll make a Cherry Crisp.  I think we'll be okay...though I sure will miss making that flaky crust. 
Mind you, we tested local pies to find just the right mix of flaky crust and tasty fillings!
What's your favourite?


  1. I particularly like mincemeat pie, but am outvoted two to one in favor of pumpkin.

    1. Oh, and rhubarb pie!

    2. And huckleberry pie! Hmmmm..... I detect a trend toward rather strong-flavored pies.

    3. Wil is partial to strawberry-rhubarb in late-Summer and Autumn and pumpkin and apple year 'round.
      I like cherry, apple and blueberry....though I hasten to add that I prefer dark sweet cherries over canned.

    4. I have a sentimental fondness for the pecan pie I had as a kid, but the pecan pie I had at the hotel in New Orleans wasn't the same thing. Absent that, I'll go for key lime.

  2. I buy my pumpkin pies at Meijer. They seriously have the best pumpkin pies I have ever tasted. And, of course, we each get our own personal can of Extra Creamy Redi Whip to lavish over the pie.

    1. I'd never heard of Meijer, so looked it up. We don't have that supermarket chain out this way. We get Cabot light Whipped Cream in the spray can. I prefer just the pumpkin pie alone, but Wil loves whipped cream on it.

  3. I'm kinda bummed tonight, because I somehow picked up a sore throat and body aches. Better tonight than last night, but theres a real chance we'll need to postpone our Thanksgiving meal until Sunday (and that's assuming Wil doesn't get this). I wear an N95 everywhere I go, so the only possibilities this week are at the dentist or when we visited with family in Maine last weekend.

    Anyway, I have most of the prep work done incase I feel great come morning. But =SIGH= this is the only Thanksgiving Day gathering I have missed with the exception of the day that Daughter was born! The guys are saying it doesn't matter, but it matters to me! I think the feasting matters more to those who do most of the work, and anyway, it's tradition.

    That aside, I'm thankful for this fine group of bloggers!!

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