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  1. We had a wonderful time with grands in Maine and arrived home this news from Heather Cox Richardson! ...

    "Today, voters in Kansas overwhelmingly rejected an amendment to their state constitution that would have stripped it of protections for abortion rights. With 86% of the vote in, 62% of voters supported abortion protections; 37% wanted them gone. That spread is astonishing. Kansas voters had backed Trump in 2020; Republicans had arranged for the referendum to fall on the day of a primary, which traditionally attracts higher percentages of hard-line Republicans; and they had written the question so that a “yes” vote would remove abortion protections and a “no” would leave them in place. Then, today, a political action committee sent out texts that lied about which vote was which."

    REALLY GOOD NEWS! click!

    1. Taegan Goddard: "And there’s the Democratic playbook for the midterms: Tap into the growing anger about Republican extremism, from taking away abortion rights to attacking democracy."

    2. I think it is finally registering with people that "white supremacy" is actually a cover for male hegemony and that's been an unmentionable issue since 1964.
      In Michigan, J.D.Vance, a candidate for the Senate has come right out and opined that, regardless of being abused and beaten, women should stay married as his parents did. Someone else has argued that female suffrage ought to be repealed.
      It has long been obvious that "pro-life" was not about child welfare. That it is about subjugating women is difficult to comprehend because all men are born of women, women too. Why be punitive against one's own?
      The answer I have to offer is lust for power, which is most easily felt when someone is hurt. Who lusts for power? Very likely someone who has been rendered powerless and is looking for revenge. That almost certainly accounts for what we see in Donald Trump.

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    1. I am leery about the legal community arrogating natural rights. The U.S. Constitution is about protecting property and promoting commerce for revenue. While "natural persons" are mentioned in the main body, the references to rights are either sensible prohibitions (secrecy is bad and torture does not work) or an after-thought. Even the extent of the 19th is being challenged.
      Fact is that all man-made rights can be rescinded and SCOTUS position that citizens enforce the law is a cop-out.
      We need an amendment that establishes natural rights as superior.

    2. That is an excellent idea. Have you spoken of it to your Congresspeople? Of course, passage would require ratification of at least 2/3 of the states and that's impossible in the current political climate.

  3. How An Amendment Backed By Anti-Abortion Groups Could Help Save Abortion Rights In Ohio [Click] “In an ironic twist, a constitutional amendment meant to invalidate Obamacare could help validate abortion rights.”

  4. We are home!

    Notes on the last thread. 😊

  5. It's unfortunate the top picture ignores the point that I will never have great-grandkids. Because it correctly makes the point that there is a great deal individuals can do (and are doing) without waiting for government action.

  6. The Democratic Senate candidate in Missouie is Trudy Busch Valentine. An email from Vote Smart a few days ago revealed that Valentine had lied about her opponent and claimed Vote Smart as the source of the falsehood. Candidates are not allowed to cite Vote Smart even tor true statements. I am very disappointed by this result. Valentine is the one Democratic Senate candidate I will not be supporting.

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    1. (Susan)
      Attorney Mark Bankston — who is representing Neil Heslin and Scarlett Lewis, the parents of a boy killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School mass shooting — announced in a Texas courtroom that Jones' lawyer sent him an "entire digital copy" of Jones' cell phone "with every text message you've sent for the past two years" twelve days ago.

      Bankston said that when he "informed" Jones' lawyer about what he did, he "did not take any steps to identify it as privileged or protected in any way."

      "That is how I know you lied to me when you said you didn't have text messages about Sandy Hook," Bankston told Jones as Jones was on the witness stand testifying in his own defense during his defamation damages trial.

      Bankston then accused Jones of lying during his deposition when he claimed he did not have messages about Sandy Hook on his phone.

  8. I had a pulmonary function test today; I do not enjoy hyperventilation, but it was WAY more fun than a colonoscopy, which I have coming up later this month. I think they have me on a three-year schedule now, but am not going to look it up, lest it be every other year.

    One of our cats (one of the three abandoned by the former neighbors) has been off his food and losing weight, so we took him to the vet. The vet could palpate a mass in the liver, confirmed by ultrasound. Probably cancer. We will pamper him until his quality of life deteriorates enough that it would be kind to put him to sleep. Near as we can figure, he's about twelve years old, which is old for an outdoor can, which he is mostly. His littermate, who was a completely outdoor cat, died two years ago. The third one, generally (and for several years completely) an indoor cat, is around 15 years old, and becoming less and less active, although pretty much all right.