Monday, August 01, 2022

Already August!



  1. We had a tiny bit of rain this morning; are taking a cat to the veterinarian--he's been off his food. And here is a tranche of press gleanings all jumbled together:

    When the President Gets Covid [Click]

    Bolton Says Trump Followers Are Risking ‘Political Suicide’ [Click] “Committing” would be better than “risking,” IMO.

    Trump's Early Plans For Garish Bedminster Mausoleum Were Buried By Local Officials [Click] “Ivana Trump's grave on Donald Trump's New Jersey golf course appears to provide tax benefits.”

    Biden Set to Deliver on Decades-Long Promise [Click] Medicare drug prices.

    Ex-Kremlin Adviser Is Hospitalized In Europe [Click] Uncharitable people are speculating about neurotoxins and radioactive tea.

    Schumer to Tee Up Burn Pits Bill Again This Week [Click]

    Biden’s Plan Does Not Raise Taxes on the Middle Class [Click] Or lower class, or upper class (unless you subscribe to the fiction that big corporations are persons).

    Only a country as complacent as the UK could give up its border privilege so easily [Click]

  2. Replies
    1. I'd LOVE it if whitelisted political emails. In fact, I'd love it if they whitelisted everything. I'd save me going to the site each evening, check-clicking everything in the spam folder, and then clicking 'return to inbox."