Thursday, August 04, 2022

Riding the BULL (with thanks to Alan)


Illustration by Victor Juhasz, The Nation


  1. THIS IS A MUST READ! (Seriously!) It looks like Alan Jones has committed perjury AND when his lawyers accidentally sent the prosecution the contents of Jones' cell phone ~ two YEARS' worth ~ and, when notified, did not declare it privileged, the January 6th Committee subpoenaed the information around January 6th.
    Heather Cox Richardson has much to tell us!

    1. What will it take for people to understand that the electron is not a reliable storage medium. Perhaps lazy people never will.
      MSNBC has had someone in the court room and Alex Jones comes across as really dense. He was trying to argue that it was all the fault of the press which would not let him take his words back.
      Like Trump, he seems to believe that "words will never hurt me."

    2. CNN: January 6 Committee Will Get Alex Jones’ Text Messages [Click] Meanwhile, Vice News reports the texts include “intimate messages to Roger Stone.” Oh, Jeez. . . I guess we will find out in due course just what that means.

    3. {listener}
      Federal investigators have also requested Jones’ phone records. 👍

    4. I understand the attorney who received the records is gladly and promptly sharing them with just about anyone who wants them.


  2. ‘Never seen it this bad’: America faces catastrophic teacher shortage
    [Click] Imagine that. Next thing you know there will be shortages of hospital workers, night-shift workers and fast-food workers.

  3. Replies
    1. {listener}
      Conservatives are suffering from a serious case of myopia. They can only see their own views, values and wants. They have no respect for anyone who isn’t like themselves. It highlights their massive sense of inferiority.

  4. (Susan)

    Alex Jones doesn't seem to understand that there are acts that cannot be undone.
    Things You Can't Take Back
    A stone after it's thrown,
    A word once it is spoken,
    An occasion once it is missed,
    An action when it is done,
    And time once it has passed.

  5. Jake Broe: Day 162 of Putin’s war, and more bad news for Russia. [Click] After the invasion oil prices went up, but with conservation, substitution, and central banks raising interest rates to control inflation, oil prices have fallen to roughly where they were before the war. The discounts given to India and China bring prices down almost to the cost of production. Other news too.