Monday, July 07, 2014



  1. Was in Maine! Got home near midnight. Eldest*Grand on the premises! :-)

  2. Hobby Lobby--this could become VERY interesting… [Click]

    Kinda on the busy side here; got a lot of weeds pulled and sprayed, cleaned the range hood, made the final proof of a revised handout on marijuana and driving, etc. Pretty hot. Got a two-weekend reprieve on shampooing the carpets. EEK! Forgot the sprinkler……[runs, well, hurries]…well, that part of the lawn got a real good soaking! Checked the compost heap while spraying weeds; boy, it was really hot after having been turned and watered. GO, FUNGUS!

    Currently listening to The Persuasions singing The Grateful Dead with my new headphones…very nice.

    Made the change to Googling via I will advise how Proton Mail works out. Three cheers for european (and Swiss) internet security! I can believe that US double agent caught in the German security service--but I don't want to. I suppose fragmentation of the Internet was bound to happen, but that doesn't excuse the stupidity of the US "intelligence" services. I think Confucius had it right--the rectification of names is the first task of the enlightened ruler. The "Department of Defense" should have its original name restored: the "War Department." "National Security Agency" and "Central Intelligence Agency" should replace the words "Security" and "Intelligence" with "Spy," "Secret Agent" or some such.


    1. Are the earthworms still happy?

      I agree that govt. departments should have their right and proper names, but it would never fly. Americans have to euphemize everything, else they can't cope.

      How do you get to the special, secure Google?

    2. Re the article: Yes. That is precisely why I was amazed by the Supreme Court decision. I have known for decades that I could incorporate if I thought it was worth the hassle. Many people in my situation do. And the purpose is precisely to create a legal entity -- a "person" -- that is separate from me. An entity that can incur debts for which, at the end of the road, I am not liable. But if my personal beliefs can affect the corporation's legal obligations, where is the separation?
      Well, I guess it's another reason not to incorporate.

    3. In-corporate. Interesting word. On the face of it, it means the same as in-carnate and en-body, but how different the connotations.

  3. My Doug McClure VHS, At the Earth's Core, arrived today. I'll probably watch it this evening.