Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Sandcastle with Moat


  1. Whoop for Dean!

    We had a cold snap today (Monday); I think it only got up to about 90 degrees. A several-hours power failure at home, but it’s over now. Interestingly, I discovered that our Wi-Fi was still working.

    Cat—re secure googling: just take your browser to startpage.com and search from there. Such things as IP addresses and metadata don’t get passed along to google.

    I am cleared to join up with Proton Mail (in beta) with my chosen user ID, but haven’t yet done so. Currently cogitating about passwords (two are needed). They ought to be fairly high strength, but easy to remember. I wonder if both should be equally strong. It appears that for secure communications with people not using Proton Mail I have to send them the message key, but I could do that by fax. I have developed a computerized equivalent of a single-use pad that should work well for the purpose.

    And now to bed.


  2. Am on the second disc of season five of West Wing. Let me say how happy I am to be involved with bright people who wish to do nice things vs not so bright people wishing to own nice things.