Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Leaves against the Sky


  1. The Guv is FIRST!

  2. Bill ~ Yes I believe Ally gets "put out" for that procedure. It's kind of spooky how many times she has been under general anesthesia thus far in her short life.

    Gosh, so sorry I was AWOL on Monday. Usually I have Mondays off, but we had a staff meeting in the morning which really messed with my comprehension of which day of the week it was. So I plumb forgot a friend was going to call this evening and went to a movie. Fortunately she's 2 hours behind me, and I was able to call her later in the evening.

    Hubby and I went to see (the Facebook movie) Social Network tonight. It's written by Aaron Sorkin who wrote West Wing. It is interesting, but kind of unsettling...not at all my scene. At least it was well written and well acted.

    Between the staff meeting and the movie I cleaned house and made a big dinner. All the while I was playing some old music by The Association. Here's an old favourite:

    Time For Living
    by Don Addrisi andDick Addrisi

    I kicked off my shoes, and felt the good earth under my feet
    I loosened my tie, and felt what it feels like to breathe
    I found the secret to life
    I took some time for living.

    I took off my watch, and found I had all the time in the world
    I opened up my arms, so I could hold life like a beautiful girl.
    I laid down all of my hang-ups forever
    I looked around, and saw what sweet things can be found
    Simply by taking some time for living.
    Grooving on little things life is giving.
    From now on I'm taking time out for life.

    Too busy to stop and notice the things that are real
    Embarrassed to talk about all things that I feel
    It's so strange, never noticed the world all around me
    Hey, look I've changed, my attitude's been rearranged
    From now on I'm taking some time for living.
    Grooving on everything life is giving.
    I'm gonna be taking time for life.
    Lifetime for living.

  3. Just finished watching "Sleepless in Seattle." Not a love comedy, but a really dandy love story. Gotta watch it again before long.

  4. Sis likes that one. Guess I ought'a see it one of these days.

  5. like the Association. Really great harmonies. Can't search for any of their music right now though,because my connection is acting up. It's really slow downloading YouTube tonight. Maybe it will be better in the morning.

  6. Son #2 and I met Son #1 and #1 grandson for lunch today. We ate at Five Guys Burgers & Fries and then tromped next door to Coldstone Creamery (my first trip) where I ate my entire day's allotment of calories in ice cream. I feel no regret.

    The weather is far more bearable here today. It's only in the mid- to high-70s. I can either go for a walk today, or rake leaves, for my exercise of the day. I'm leaning toward leaf raking 'cause when I'm finished I'll still be home. ;)

  7. It's only 75 deg. here, too. But sitting here in my west-facing upstairs office with the computer equipment (especially the printer) generating heat, I still feel the need to open the window and roll up my sleeves.

  8. We got about the same, Bill. But I'm north west facing, and no printer, so it was perfect.

    Gathered a buncha big tomatoes, and them hopeful plants still have blossoms on 'em. And lotsa smaller green ones. Also brought me back a nice rock for the future steps renovation/extension. Spotted a few more for the garden border. But mostly just enjoyed walking up to the garden and back.

  9. Ice cream is *always* a good idea, never something to be regretted.

    That's good, sound logic about the leaf raking.

  10. Donno the high, but it was nice and warm this afternoon, at least on the southern side of the house. A bit chilly with windows open on the northern side.

    I definitely had a low energy day today. However, got Mum to start reading me a book on songwriting. Figured it might help with that song I've been stuck over for weeks. No direct help so far, but the book is interesting.

    BTW got "In the Rain" finished last night. Now need to work on the harmonization, but the song itself is done. Then I need to work out how and where to upload it so you guys can hear it. My Cakewalk is so ancient that it can't convert MIDI to audio (WAV for instance). But, that's a problem for later.

    Made a YouTube, but couldn't upload it yesterday or today. Strictly speaking, today it uploaded, but YouTube couldn't process the video portion. I tried all afternoon and evening. And yet my friend Maggy was able to upload. It may well be that my slow and sometimes dodgy connection is the real problem. GRR.

  11. How frustrating, Cat! But at that, I believe you gotta heckuva lot more done today than I did. Good thing there's a tomorrow. . . .

  12. Ally update at baby ~~



  13. Hallo all! Sorry I've neglected you so much this evening. I just turned my computer on for the first time today during the 11:00pm news. Great to see the that the miners are beginning to emerge from the Chilean mine! I hope and pray they all get out safely. That's one story that would be made into a movie.

    Part of the reason I was so long getting online tonight is that when I got home from work I went straight to the book I was reading before I went to work. (I hope you're lurking and see this, Donna!) Remember the great Vermonter, Captain Richard Phillips, whose ship the Maersk Alabama was boarded by Somali pirates in April 2009? Well, I'm reading his book about the experience A Captain's Duty. That is surely going to be made into a movie. GET THE BOOK! The first hundred pages or so are solid background information, and there are plenty of good anecdotes in those pages. But once you get to the part where the pirates are on board the ship, you will not be able to put it down. (Unless you have to go to work and give other books to other people. LOL!)

  14. Sis says the first miner is up and the capsule has gone down for the second.


    It's going to take many hours, of course, but this is a fabulous beginning!

  15. Indeed, Puddle, thank Heaven for tomorrow. Still, sounds like you had a pretty good day.

  16. Working on harmony. This is my weak point. Wonder if this is actually arranging? If so, a book on arranging might help... What does it say about me that my first thought in just about any situation, confronting just about any problem or difficulty is to consult a book? *grin*

  17. While I'm waiting for the page to load at amazon.com...

    First thing: I got my quarterly brokerage statement last week. Amazingly, I made money. I was pleased but rather surprised.

    Second thing: Angel Kitty has her own Walgreen's discount card. Unfortunately, it does not hat her picture on it. But Dad said he saved about fifty dollars on her vitamins with it, so I guess it's for real. Who knew a kitty could have her own Walgreen's card?

  18. OK, just ordered The Complete Idiot's Guide to Arranging and Orchestration.