Friday, February 09, 2024

☃️ Happy Snowflake Bentley's Birthday! ❄️

This is a Snowflake thermomenter! 
It shows at what temperature certain kinds of snowflakes form.
It is based on Bentley's work. We have it hanging in our front entryway.


  1. 5:25 AM here, full dark, seems not to have rained during the night, wind machines running in the citrus groves across the river. Currently 34F, predicted high temperature 56F. Increasing temperatures through the week, lots of sun. Can't complain legitimately.


  2. Donald Trump Has a Jury Problem
    [Click] The writer has won more than a hundred convictions of US Mafia members. I think I will read the full article (at NY Magazine).

    1. I read the original article twice; it's that good. Free access for a limited time.

  3. As gambling addiction rates rise, keep an eye on grandma this Super Bowl [Click] I stand by my assertion that life is enough of a gamble without throwing away perfectly good money.

  4. {listener}

    Written by beloved Dean blogger Phil*in*Iowa

    How Dare You Ask The Date My Son Died
    I could not tell you.
    A black cloud obscured the calendar.
    Was it a Monday?
    I do not know.
    The death certificate has a date.
    Check the obituary if you must.
    I saw black. I could not read the calendar.
    How dare you ask the date?
    I heard a hawk say he is here still.
    I heard him answer I love you too.
    I see him guitar in hand.
    Where he had tagged Nate was here.
    Do not ask of date.
    The wave that knocks me down,
    will appear in my eyes.
    Sharon's wail fill my ears.
    How dare you ask the date my son died.
    The look on first responder's face
    the message hurry home.
    Crystal clear in memory still.
    The Sherriff's hug. Yes I remember.
    The last time I saw my son alive.
    The last time I saw my son. I remember.
    No matter how hard I have tried to forget.
    Things I remember I would like to forget.
    Do not dig up that grave unless to honor the bones.
    The snow was melting. Winter gone.
    Your mother and I married on such a day.
    You fill our memories still.

    Phil Specht 2-9-24

  5. Yesterday I read that planting time is nearing in Russia, and the seed dealers have none because shipments from foreign countries have been cut off. I suppose that Russia became dependent on imported high-yield and high-quality varieties.

  6. Definitely more snow on the mountains than the previous time we had a good view.

  7. {listener}

    “The memory issues that concern me the most are that millions of Americans seem to have forgotten what a disaster the years 2017-2021 were.”
    ~ Andy Borowitz

  8. {listener}

    53°F and sunshine in Jericho VT
    on Snowflake Bentley’s birthday
    is just not right.

  9. {listener}

    Just got word from a friend in Hawaii of a 6.3 earthquake on the big island. He added: “The house shooketh! 😳”

    Time of quake: 10:06am local time…
    12:06pm PT; 2:06pm CT; 3:06pm ET

  10. Not news (to me anyway), but just in case you need something else to worry about:
    Atlantic Ocean circulation nearing ‘devastating’ tipping point, study finds [Click] “Collapse in system of currents that helps regulate global climate would be at such speed that adaptation would be impossible.”

    1. I was just reading about this! One outcome is that over about two decades Europe's temperature could decrease by 30º Centigrade!!!

  11. It sure has been a day.

    Came to Maine for Eldest*Grand's school play *A Wrinkle in Time* (one of the banned books👍), and heard half way here that her younger sister was also involved (in crew). Awesome! We even won the raffle that they hold as a fund raiser. Naturally, we said they should keep the winnings as a donation.

    But, enroute to the play we got word that a very longtime and much beloved friend my age (we were born just a few days apart) has been diagnosed with 4th stage ovarian cancer and it has metastasized to her bones...and she, who has even recently completed (walking) marathons!, now has a broken pelvis.

    Just looked it up. 4th stage ovarian cancer has a 5 year survival rate of 30.3%...which is better than I expected. However, once it has metastasized to the bones the median survival rate is ... 8 months.

    1. Gee---very sorry to hear about your friend; that's really rough. I think the UK National Health Service is beginning to roll out a blood test that is said to detect multiple types of cancer early on; but I think it isn't approved for use in the US yet.

      I had heard of A Wrinkle In Time<>/em> but didn’t know anything about it, so consulted Wikipedia to see what the book-banners might not like about it. I note elements evocative of Zoroastrianism, Manichaeism, and the Abrahamic religions in general— must be too much for the narrow-minded to deal with. Hard to imagine how all that could be crammed into a high school play!

    2. Oops---should have proofread my post above; the italics were supposed to be just the title.

    3. The brainwashed bad guys in the play recoil anytime someone mentions a really good person. And the first name mentioned that makes the bad guys scream is "Jesus." So, but they also mention Shakespeare, Buddha and more.
      You'd think the narrowly religious might give it a pass, since Jesus gets first dibs. Moreover, it was written by devout Episcopalian Madeleine L'Engle...whose son-in-law is a priest. But, no. They probably think Episcopalians are heretics.

    4. Not incidentally, what saves young Charles Wallace in the story, from becoming and remaining brainwashed, is his sister's love.

  12. Replies
    1. Interesting. Glad to hear there wasn't any bad damage. My friend on Maui heard an explosion about 10 minutes after the quake. I had to wonder if a gas line had ruptured.