Wednesday, April 07, 2021

What is it about red barns?



  1. At the risk of being a killljoy, I suppose barns were commonly painted red for the same reason railway cars were painted red--the cheapest paint was red lead paint.

    1. I'm just referring to how they catch the eye and are so pleasing to see.

  2. Stand back! Lotsa stuff this morning.

    Why Don’t Republicans Attack Kamala Harris? [Click] Definitely a dog not barking story.

    U.S. Military Warns of China Move on Taiwan [Click]

    Biden’s Plan to Cement a Governing Majority [with his Build Back Better plan] [Click] Fingers crossed. . .

    Democrats’ Control of the House Is Increasingly Fragile [Click] All the more reason to move as fast as they can; with luck it might start a virtuous political cycle.

    Senate Democrats Could Move 6 Bills Using Reconciliation [Click]

    Feinstein Backs Bypassing Filibuster for Voting Rights [Click] Schumer says the voting rights bill must pass, one way or another. Feinstein agrees and defers to leadership on the method.

  3. VT cases:20,443-20,373 = 70
    Active cases: 3418
    Deaths: 230(+1)
    Hospital: 26(+1) ICU:6(+1)
    Tests: 362,117(+823)

  4. Bill, It sounds like you had a highly productive day yesterday!

    How are you and Penny faring today? The second day after the second shot is usually the hardest. Take care.

    1. Arm sore. I may have slept a bit longer and more soundly than usual this morning, but that has largely passed. Penny is still sleeping.

    2. I've actually ended up sleeping most of the day. That's probably the most common side effect. Likely head back to bed before long.

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