Friday, June 01, 2018

Here comes June



  1. Oops--posted a note on the previous thread responding to the thread before that, just a bit too late!


    1. And here is my response to that post: I believe one reason for school starting earlier is so it can finish by Memorial Day rather than running into mid-June as it did when I was in school. Among other things, that supposedly gives students a better chance at summer jobs.

    2. But then they go back before Labor Day, which surely must interfere with their summer jobs?

  2. From the “what a surprise!” files:
    Signs of Cellphone Spying Found Near White House[Click] Mar a Lago and Trump’s golf courses too, I suppose.

    Tariffs Will Likely Cancel Out Impact of Tax Cuts[Click] I thought the gasoline price increase secondary to pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal had already done that…

    NAFTA Talks Break Down After Pence Ultimatum[Click] I find it difficult to believe that Pence was an independent actor. And what the Hell business does Pence have dealing directly with a head of state, anyway?

    Comey Interviewed By Investigators Probing Whether McCabe Broke Fed Law[Click] Hmmmm…. Witch hunt? Or valid?

    Reporters, Ex-Officials Appalled Trump Hinted At Jobs Report Before Release[Click] Appalled? No one should be the least bit surprised.

    'This Is Not a Reform. It Is Terrible.'[Click]”Democratic and Republican leaders hate California's jungle primary, which after Tuesday's vote could shut them out of key races. But that's partly the point.”

    The Increasingly Intricate Story of How the Americas Were Peopled[Click]

    The Age of Grandparents[Click] “The proportion of children living in ‘grandfamilies’ has doubled in the U.S. since 1970—and the reasons are often sad ones.”


    1. Re jungle primaries: The City of Chicago has what amounts to a jungle primary. And the point is to make sure no Republican clown appears on the final ballot. (It was, in fact, adopted after a professional clown won the Republican Primary.)

    2. Which brings to mind this story from today's news (from

      “The sedate race for Kansas attorney general took a turn toward the bizarre Thursday with an announcement by political performance artist Vermin Supreme of plans to launch a campaign to become the state’s No. 1 prosecutor,” the Topeka Capital-Journal reports.

      “Supreme, who appears in public dressed as a twisted wizard, has campaigned in the past on a platform that included mandatory dental hygiene and government distribution of free ponies. On the stump, he has worn a boot as a hat and carried a large toothbrush.”

      From Wikipedia:

      In March 2018, inspired by several high school and college students (some from out-of-state) running for Governor of Kansas in the midterm election, Supreme stated that "I certainly did not want to draw away any votes from any teenagers running in the Governor’s race," instead opting to run for Attorney General, becoming the sole challenger to incumbent Republican Derek Schmidt. The lack of requirements in order to run for office, as outlined in the state's Constitution, has been heralded by Supreme: "This is indeed a very interesting and attractive loophole,” he said. “I think that’s a very good thing for democracy."


  3. From Facebook comments:

    "A guide to decoding IQ 45 Speak:

    "Did you know" = I just found this out.

    "People are saying" = I am making this up right now.

    "We will see what happens" = I have no idea what is happening.

    "Fake news" = Information that makes me look bad.

    "Believe me" = I am lying"

    1. Ah. Nice to have my seat-of-the-pants translations confirmed.

  4. Just finished watching The Love Bug. Saw it in the movies donkeys years ago, but the only bit I remembered was the rather memorable scene where Herbie tries to throw himself off the Golden Gate Bridge. It's an absolutely delightful movie, perfect summer escapism. The edition I bought is the deluxe, two-disc edition. Will watch the second disc tomorrow.

    I nee some escapism this evening. This afternoon I did something which, though I'm sure was the right thing to do, is troubling my conscience.

    First of all you need to know that my massage therapist is late at least 85% of the time (It feels like 100% but that's not fair. Moreover, when she's late, it's usually by twenty-five to thirty-five minutes. There are extenuating circumstances, sometimes, and I feel sorry for her and I'm an easy-going sort of person...and I'm a wimp. But I sit there stewing while waiting, so by the time she turns up I'm always uptight and pissed off and in a lousy mood, which is all uncomfortable and probably not good for my health.

    She comes Wednesday and Friday afternoons, , supposedly at 3:00. This morning she sent me a Facebook message (which fortunately I saw), saying she'd be here at 3:30. It was a statement, not a question, which I answered more or less civilly. But, my heart sank. If she said 3:30, that meant 4:00, if I was lucky. On the other hand, sometimes she's punctual, or only five minutes late. I'd just have to wait and see.

    Sure enough, 3:30 came, and no massage therapist. I watched the clock and waited. At five to four, she rang the doorbell. I opened the door, and there she was with her table folded up in its carrying case, practically bigger than herself. That sight always gets me. She's small and painfully thin - lots of medical problems, which is a large part of why I feel sorry for her. This time, though,I didn't give in. This time I not only told her she was late, but that it was too late to start the session. She was shocked and upset, and between apologies asked if I was all right. I assured her I was okay, reiterated that it was too late in the afternoon to start and responded to her repeated apologies that it was all right and I'd see her next week. I didn't raise my voice or speak angrily. To the best of my ability, I was calm and quiet, but firm. And I pretty much closed the door in her face.

    There are two things. First, I know she was very upset. I hate to know I upset her. Second, it was payday. She comes twice a week, but some months ago I started paying her once, on Friday. So she didn't get paid for this week. That's my fault. I'm clumsy and slow thinking and it didn't occur to me till some time later that I should have given her her check. I was so busy screwing up my nerve to send her away, it didn't occur to me that I needed to pay her. So, I feel bad about that too.

    Now, were it anyone else, I'd say losing a week's pay might engender a little soul searching and the eventual conclusion that punctuality is a trait to be cultivated. With this woman, my hopes are not high. Also, I am definitely not looking forward to the conversation next week explaining why I did what I did, that her habitual tardiness is both unprofessional and inconsiderate, and that she needs to be up front with me about what days and times would actually be manageable for her. Like I said, major wimp, here. Or maybe worm. But I've pretty much gotten to the point of the worm turning. I can't take it anymore. Nor do I see anything wrong with asserting myself as the boss from time to time. But I'm torn up about it and I know I'm gonna be sick all weekend beating myself up about it. No killer instinct has Cat, that's for sure. *wry grin*

    1. Gee, Cat, that IS a problem. We have an acquaintance (formerly a friend) who is never on time, doesn't call until just before arriving, even fails to come the day she said, much less at the hour. Some companies say their service folk will arrive within a four-hour window, say 8AM to noon, but they can't be sure how long each call will take. But it seems to me that a massage therapist should know just how long each job will take, and how long it takes (barring traffic accidents etc.) to get from one job to the next.