Thursday, May 31, 2018

There Goes May


  1. A few notes on the last thread. That was a good one, BTW!

    1. And I added a response to one of those notes.

  2. I will add a response here that ought to be on the previous thread.

    When and where I was in high school (early 1960's), the start of school was adjusted so it would be after the prune harvest, so kids could help with that (and get paid for it). I don't understand why the start of the school year has moved to earlier and earlier dates; so Fall semester finals came after Christmas vacation, so what? If school starts before Labor Day, college students are far less able to get summer jobs, which were a big factor in paying for college without going into large-scale debt. That colleges didn't game the tuition to get the most federal money also helped to minimize post-college debt. As memory serves me, federally guaranteed student loans first materialized when I was in graduate school.