Sunday, May 20, 2018



  1. Susan-- I meant to append this to your item at the end of yesterday's thread, but other things intervened.--Alan
    P.S.: This is from the Washington Post, but I think the link will bypass their paywall.

    Now we know what Trump will say when we learn what he’s hiding [Click]
    But what struck me…was this language of setups and entrapment because, where I come from, only guilty people trot out the I-was-stung defense. Indeed, the most infamous use of this jargon in Washington — the late Marion Barry’s “Bitch set me up!” — followed the mayor’s dismayed realization that his crack-smoking had been caught on hidden camera…

    As the inquiry enters its second year, Trump’s forces now appear to be falling back to a new trench. Whatever Team Trump did wrong, the FBI tricked them into doing it…It has been said many times: For a man protesting his innocence, Trump sure does act guilty. And that, more than anything, creates the air of mystery shrouding this topic. But at least we now know what he’s likely to say if and when we learn what he is hiding.

    Feds set me up."

  2. Alan, with regard to your link on the last thread: It certainly would appear Israel is getting its money's worth from Trump. Don't know enough about what's going on to be able to tell about the Saudi princes or the Republican ex Middle East contractor, but one presumes they are satisfied as well.