Friday, May 25, 2018



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    1. Lake Champlain's Champ is real. Many sightings. Even some video. Something is out there.
      Both the NY and VT Legislatures have passed laws protecting Champ.

  2. Lovely lilacs. I can practically smell them.

  3. Back from the Bay Area; on the way back we were caught in rush hour traffic, probably combined with people rushing to get the most possible out of the holiday weekend. Some catching up with the political news follows.

    FBI Obtained Wiretaps of Russian Who Met with Trump Jr.[Click] “ Mr. Trump’s son should be concerned.”

    Ireland has voted by a landslide margin to change the constitution so that abortion can be legalized, according to an exit poll[Click] conducted for The Irish Times.

    Trump agrees to bail out ZTE despite fierce bipartisan opposition on Capitol Hill.[Click]

    The Drive to Elect Women Is Defining 2018's Democratic Primaries[Click] Hmmmm….might this carry through to the 2020 Presidential election?

    RNC Spox Says Cohen Is Still Deputy Finance Chair Despite Criminal Probe[Click]

  4. As a woman, I gotta say that I have no particular need for a push to elect more women, per se, but please a push to elect good people of any gender. But sure, why not?

  5. My day was not at all as I had hoped and planned.
    I woke from a full night's sleep excited to FINALLY be doing some oil painting again.

    Instead, I noticed that a mark on my forearm has not changed and now it was feeling irritated. Two days ago, while watering irises, I felt a slight something on my forearm. Being effectively one-handed, I simply brushed my arm against my side. When I looked down I was surprised to see a splotch of blood, and thought I had smushed an engorged mosquito. But the bite mark is too large to be that, and kept bleeding for a few minutes, despite cleaning the site with the handy hose. It did not swell, sting, or itch. But later I noticed it had a circle of redness around it. It looked the same for two days then began to feel a little irritated. I didn't touch any plants but something could have been on the hose when I picked it up or dropped down from the small crabapple above me. Because of the irritation, I ran my thumbnail around the original bite and got out a tiny, hard, black thing. After that the irritation lessened, but th concern is What if it were a tick?

    I contacted my doctor's office and sent over three photos. They prescribed 200mg of doxycycline, which I have taken, and want me to call and come in if I get more of a rash, a fever or body aches in the next 30 days.

    It took all the way to 3:30pm to get this all figured out! So there I was in my painting clothes and the only thing I got painted (well, stained, actually) was some shingles to be used for house siding repairs.

    I felt really upset about not getting to do oil painting after YEARS of waiting!! Then I recognised that this is a first-world, white-woman sort of problem, and that really helped.

  6. Thanks, Cat! The lilacs don't have as a strong scent this year as usual. I think it's been too dry. But they do still smell lovely!