Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tile Tabetop


  1. Bernie primus inter pares est!

    With Bernie pushing on as he is, should the Democratic Party elites attempt the same sort of misbehavior that was on display at the Nevada state convention, methinks they will likely be hoist by their own petard. If they realize the danger and retreat from it, so much the better; if they do not refrain from such foolishness, so be it--the Berniacs will probably pick up the pieces.

    Just my current cogitations.


  2. Just saw that Barbara Boxer, of all people, went on television calling for "Democratic Unity". After her foul divisive inflammatory behavior in NV she's got a lot of nerve. The media is still spreading that false "chairs thrown" narrative. What Barbara means is "Vote for Hillary". The Dems apparently think they can behave as badly as they want and still demand loyalty. Wrong. I got a call from our local Democratic Party yesterday and I'll admit I took a certain amount of pleasure from telling the caller politely that I had already left the Democratic Party.

  3. I still belong to the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party, but that wing is looking pretty threadbare these days.

    I shall not vote for HRC! At the same time, it is physically impossible for me to move to England. Otherwise I'd have done so years ago.

    1. It seems to me that the DNC is preparing to throw DWS under the bus in hopes that doing so will reconcile Bernie supporters to voting for HRC. What they fail to comprehend is that we like HRC even less than DWS!

    2. It may be that the Democratic Party has pulled out so many Primary Feathers of Democratic Wing that the Democratic Wing can no longer lift the whole bird.

  4. Super Deaniac, Rep. Marcia Moody, died today at age 80. Marcia, who threw her name into the ring when Howard Dean challenged us to run for office, was serving her sixth term in the NH House. Her fighting spirit will live on, but she will be sorely missed. ♥