Thursday, July 11, 2013

Today Dr. Rawson, benefactor of the local Library, turns 100 years old! (We're having a party for him on Saturday.)

The photo on the left cracked me up!  If you're 100 you can do whatever you darn well please!


  1. And when we get to be old, we can be outrageous and the kids won't dare to scold us! (Start planning now...)

    Bill--Oh, yes--"Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree!"

    My grandmother was carried off by the Spanish Flu in 1916, and my grandfather played "A Long, Long Trail A-Winding" on the piano for decades after that, until he was disabled by a stroke that took his adult memory.

    I was just printing out the San Diego Trolley timetable that I need, and double-checked the fares. For us geezers it's $1.25 one-way (with stop offs OK) all the way to the Mexican border if you want to go so far, or $18 per month. Nice.


    P.S.: Another court martial (just one county over from home) confirmed for September.

    1. I'm making my list for when I get old, Alan. ;-) Meanwhile, I like doing things my kids never imagined I'd do. It kind of freaks them out. Ha!

      I'm rooting for the court martial to not come to fruition. It always makes me sad when someone gets court martialed. Maybe your testimony will show just cause for them to reinstate the person...if deserved.

  2. Well, I made it as far as John's today. Should hold me for a week or so.

    Same flowers, only more of each, and a few new ones: Black Eyed Susans, Milkweed (common, not swamp milkweed yet), lots of False Indigo, Canada Thistle and another globe shaped thistle that the Goldfinches love, and my favorite, waited for every year: the incandescent candles of the Black Cohosh.