Monday, July 08, 2013

Some of the DEAN buttons our son gave us...


  1. A good boy!

    Has NSA Spying Killed US “Cloud” services, Email in Europe, Brazil? [Click] Schaudenfreude….. anybody besides me think we might be able to use some intelligent services in place of, or at least in addition to, "intelligence" services?


  2. Rather more excitement here today than necessary. part of the ceiling in my attic room, that has been threatening to collapse the entire twenty-six years we've lived here, finally did. Only a small part but it made a huge mess. Dad and Sis cleared away the major debris, but there's dust and plaster chunks everywhere.

    Nobody has seen Vivie Kitty. Presumably, she hid under the couch and must still be frightened, poor baby! I don't blame her. The crash was something scary, even when heard from down on the second floor. It must have been terrifying up here. I just hope she's able to recover enough to come out and eat her supper. She's resilient, but it's been a hard summer so far: the attic stairs painted, with the terrible paint fumes and nobody able to visit her for several days, the noise and intrusion by strangers of the stair lift being installed, and now this. And she's not a young cat. We reckon she's about fifteen. She doesn't move fast anymore and just, in general, it's terribly worrying.

    1. Vivie is fine. Dad and Sis both saw her several times during the clean up and she ate her supper so, though I haven't seen her myself, I guess she's fine.

      I'm still a bit shook up, but nothing too bad.

    2. So, did you eat your supper okay? I'll bet hiding under the couch was sounding pretty good for a few minutes. I hope you get a spiffy new and improved ceiling out of this!

    3. Cat, so glad Vivie's surviving both physically and spiritually. Bit more adventure than I'd be up for, so good for her!!

  3. We have been so relentlessly hammered with rain and flooding here in Vermont that on any given day we have to pick our route around orange cones, road repairs and roads closed altogether due to washouts. I do hope Tropical Storm Chantal doesn't come north. There is nowhere at all to put the water here.

    Also, I was just over on the Maine coast last weekend and the Atlantic Ocean temp is the warmest I have ever experienced it (and I'm from Boston originally!). Usually it takes until sometime in August before the water is warm enough that it doesn't curl your instep. Early July and it is already like cool bathwater. If any storms come up the coast, I'm thinking they may not weaken as fast as usual from water temp.

    Funny thing is that the same day that TS Chantal was named, I discovered that my new next door neighbour's name is Chantal. LOL!