Sunday, July 07, 2013

"I don't empower people. People are already empowered, they just need to see it."


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    1. That quote wasn't part of Howard's talk; it's from the interview I stood next to him during and listened in on.

  2. OK, I'm confident I have the hang of my Addiator [Click]--I don't even need the instruction sheet as a security blanket.


  3. Hey All... Today I got this message from a kind friend who let me know that my email address got used.

    "I just got a second email from a bogus source with your name on it. I know how you feel about group emails so I immediately knew it wasn't from you. Plus it was something about smoking. You might want to check out what's going on."

    Of course, it wasn't from me at all. And I'm not sure they used my email. They may have only garnered my address off a list from some group email that got forwarded. Does anyone have a link about how to figure out what's going on? What do I need to do here? Thanks!

    Could it have been my friend's address list that got messed with?

    1. I'm far from being a techie, but as I understand it if you click on a link in a bogus email it will harvest the email address of everyone in your contact list.

      From what I've seen I imagine some of the bogus emails are getting their addresses from Facebook.