Sunday, June 23, 2013

It's DEAN TIME!!! Where were you ten years ago today?

Howard, today.

Howard 10 years ago today.


  1. D E A N is First!

    A year ago today I was standing on Church Street in Burlington as Howard Dean announced his candidacy for the Presidency. I still remember exactly where my husband and sons and I were standing. Memorable!

  2. I'm sure that ten years ago today I was sitting in front of my computer as always. I watched the video of the announcement at some point, but not live. Because it had been so obvious for so long that Dean was a candidate -- heck, I had been attending Dean Meet-ups for a couple of months -- I tended to view the formal announcement as just another speech. Much less memorable than the one I personally saw him give at Chicago's Navy Pier a month or so later.

    1. Thanks, Bill! I can see how that could be. Howard is far more memorable in person. Just ask Renee. ;-)

      One of the things that made this speech
      memorable for me was seeing our usual downtown Marketplace with both the large platform which Dean spoke from (by Ben & Jerry's!) and a smaller platform opposite his, in the middle of the road, for the bigwig press from all over!!

    2. There were so many people there that the parking lot a half block away had people up on the top level, watching from there!

  3. What I remember most from Howard was his "What I want to know.." speech. Sadly he could give the exact speech today.

  4. I'm here! DEAN IS HERE!! He's being interviewed. Nurse Teri and Marcia Moody and David Stephenson are here! I don't yet see Jessica or Jo. hope all is well.

    puddle, I sent you a photo you are welcome to post if you are able, or email to someone who has the power. ;-)

  5. Howard gave a rousing speech! He still has the power!!
    He isn't planning to run, really. But, oh, we need his voice. David videotaped it and will post it at ProgressiveSoup. He says you have to scroll way down to actually find PS. He also mentioned YouTube. Stay tuned!

    Plus, I finally got my photo taken with Howard!!

    Still no sign of LeeAnn, Jess or Jo. At least that I've seen.

  6. One memory from Howard's Navy Pier speech: Someone yelled, "Give'em Hell, Howard!" And he responded, just as Truman had, "I don't give them Hell. I just tell the truth and they think it's Hell."

  7. This would be the weekend of the tenth anniversary of me getting a computer, and getting on line. Lost it a week later when a lightening strike blew my modem up, lol! Spent five weeks getting it replaced. Four waiting for the replacement, and opening up the computer and trying an install, and a week finding an actual repair guy who fixed it. (I wasn't wrong: the replacement was never have fit, according the the repair guy.) Computer guy had worked on the army's computer back in the 40's, and had his own ISP, which I signed up for. But he didn't have an accelerator like earthlink did, so I seldom used him. Good thing: he got hacked in September, and every single one of his customers but me got a really nasty virus. I hated IE from the beginning, and was a firebird beta user by October. By November, I was using one of the nightly builds (which fixed a problem I'd been having). Stuck with it till they killed it and became firefox the next year.

    I knew about Howard in June, but was watching Kerry and Edwards. Got invited to a viewing of a Vermont TV tape near the first of October. Half way through, I knew Howard was my guy. Went home with phone lists, bumper stickers, signs. Discovered the blog in December. Became an avid lurker after the new years, and was writing letters daily. The blog's first attraction for me was that they'd trade extra letters to write, lol! If recall correctly and I think I am, wrote and mailed 556 letters for Howard before he dropped out. Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, New Mexico, maybe Arizona. Later did some phone banking -- Indiana maybe? Where it became perfectly clear that the scream had done awful damage: no matter how often one explained what had happened, the listener had "the evidence of my own eyes. . . . " Did a couple of dismal meetups in Harrisonburg. Voted for Howard in June, and spent the rest of the season working for Kerry. Still in love with Howard Dean.

  8. Replies
    1. Loved the photos, listener.

      You know what they reminded me of? Ironically, today is also picnicon, the annual picnic for Chicago-area science fiction fans. I decided not to go because if you don't have a car you have to take commuter rail. That seemed like just a bit more trouble than it was worth. But I've been a couple of times before and -- aside from the presence of Howard, of course! -- those photos looked a lot like picnicon.