Tuesday, June 25, 2013

I finally got a photo with Dean. :-)


  1. The Doctor is IN!

    Apparently, after we left the Reunion there was a medical scare and Howard helped.

    I hope it wasn't David Stephenson who had the problem! Does anyone know?

    1. Yikes! David tells me that he was indeed the man mentioned in the article! He was told afterwards that Howard is the person who called 911 for him. David was taken by ambulance to the hospital but got better slowly and signed himself out. David says he's okay now...thinks it was something he ate. Maybe. My stint as a chaplain on the cardiac units at that same hospital makes me wonder.


    2. listener, as somebody who checked in the emergency room for starvation, and ended up in the cardiac wing, I'm pretty sure if they saw *anything* they wouldn't have let him check out. . . .

      Did you ask him about Progressive Soup?

    3. I'm going to give him some time to edit the video first, but I will check in with him. I gave him Sarah Buxton's phone number and he was off to call her to let her know how it turned out. :-) Hurrah for the Tubes!

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    1. Thanks, Renee! Be sure to pop by to see more...the one from yesterday, for example. :-)

  3. Today was wild! Huge thunderstorms, water ponding up on roadways and closing some, including a section of the interstate. Drove the two miles to work at the Library with a seriously black storm front moving in. I saw a wall cloud just as I got there. Made it in the door just as the deluge hit. My coworker's official weather station showed that for a brief period the rain was so heavy that it was falling at the rate of 14.77" per hour! So glad that didn’t last too long!! This year Burlington has had 22.36" of precip, whereas normal is 15.37". This month alone (so far) they’ve had 7.09" of rain, whereas normal for the month is 3.06". We get a bit more rain out here in Jericho. For example, today Burlington got 1.13" of rain while we got 2.48"!