Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Howard Dean on the road

Quick post before we need to leave the house to drop our daughter at school (son already left on his school bus) and head downtown to hear Howard Dean speak about ethics reform at the Ohio Statehouse. Hard to believe, after all the begging I and others used to do on Blog for America that "You *gotta* come to Ohio!" Well, he's finally coming. I promise to do the best write-up I possibly can, and I'm bringing my voice recorder so that I can (hopefully) transcribe the speech later on. But right now, as I prepare to leave the house, I am shifting back and forth between exhaustion (I've been working a lot of hours lately), a sense of unreality, and semi-panic that I might forget something I really mean to bring--like the voice recorder or the camera. And all the while in the background there is another mental program running at a subconscious level. My brain is saying its own improvised rosary and it goes something like "Hail Mary, full of grace, pray for me that I don't swallow my own tongue if I get the opportunity to say a few words to Howard today..."


I will definitely have *something* to write up, but if you keep your expectations low you won't be disappointed. ;-) In the meantime, there are some great Howard Dean on the road posts at the DNC blog you might like to check out.

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