Monday, April 01, 2024

April Fools Day!

I'm a fool for flowers!


  1. Faroese roadway tunnel system [Click] It seems impossible for such a small nation.

  2. {listener}
    With the Total Eclipse happening one week from today, we have done the headcount. Turns out 14 of our 18 family members will be at our house for the event! Three will be 45min south of us, enjoying Totality in their own back yard (just to keep off the roads). And the other (Daughter) has to be in Switzerland on business, so will attempt to Zoom in for it. So that’s 3 of our kids, 2 of 3 DILs, and 7 of 9 grands (ages 4 to 17). It’s going to be a party atmosphere for sure!
    Wil and I are marathoning on the guest room. Hope we can out the house back together, buy enough food and still do our other things (I have 5 meetings, he is on call for software work). If you don’t see me much, that’s why! But I have all the front page posts ready, so no worries there.

    1. I imagine a gathering of people in black hooded cloaks sitting around watching the eclipse.

  3. Video: Donald Trump posts $175 million bond in civil fraud case [Click] From Knight Insurance Company.