Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Purple Wild Iris


  1. Howard is our flag and banner.

    Continuing with Frances Hodgson Bernette, now reading The Making of a Marchioness, apparently an adult novel. It's hard to tell though. She doesn't write down in her children's books. This one is delightful, so far rather lighter than The Lost Prince which, for all that it is obviously a children's or YA book, is rather serious.

  2. May be my last post for a few days. Tomorrow morning I leave on the bus for Libertycon in Chattanooga. The hotel is -- I'm serous -- The Chattanooga Choo-Choo. And yes, I'll be sleeping in a converted rail car, although the hotel has regular-style rooms as well.

  3. Cat--about w/wh. . . . I had a friend who taught remedial English to frosh at the U of U. One boy had serious problems with exactly that: spelling "whipped" as "wipped"--she said she felt that she spent half her time drilling WH WH WH WH into his head. Worked. Sort of. On the final spelling test, he spelled out this word: whorsewipped

    1. LOL Puddle.

      "The beach party isn't going so well," Tom wails.