Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Welcome, October!


  1. Thank-you note on the last thread. :-)

  2. If you have arachnophobia, don't read this.
    A short while ago, I carefully removed a huge female Jumping Spider from the screened back porch. Truly, I should have taken a photo before I moved her, because I've never seen one that big. Her middle alone was nearly the size of a quarter and thicker than I've ever seen, with furry, striped legs that seemed almost stubby given the size of its dark middle. Do I get credit for humanely releasing her in the garden? I am just so glad that the kitties (who were out there) didn't see her before I did. They were too busy harassing the wasp I had to rescue first. Life in my Wild Kingdom. LOL!

    1. That sounds like one BIG jumping spider! They are fascinating creatures. Their eyes are unique; long, tubular eyes, and muscles pull the back part (with the retina) around to adjust the field of view, while the lens end stays put. If you are going to be getting your dinner by pouncing on it, you had better have good visual resolution and depth perception!


  3. I kinda like spiders, but prefer mine a bit smaller.