Sunday, September 28, 2014

Harvest Time


  1. Howard's first, before or after sundown!

  2. Wow. A busy Sunday, it seems!

    Here it was Root*Center*Son's 34th birthday … and he chose to spend it with us!! I love it when that happens. :-D

  3. Hi guys,

    Quiet Sunday here, sunny and warm. In fact, we topped out at 86 degs - a bit warm for my taste for late September. OTOH, it beats cold. :)

  4. This evening we watched Simon and Garfunkel's Madison Square Garden concert from 2004. Man, what a show! Definitely one I'll be watching again. Highly recommended!

  5. We had some actual rain last night! And a little sprinkle after we came in from cleaning things up in the front yard this afternoon. Temperatures in the 70's! Nice.

    Last night and this morning I knocked out a rather challenging formal opinion--with a bit of luck that will be enough to settle the case and I won't have to go to court, but one can't plan on luck. Another, less challenging opinion to take care of this evening.

    I have been, in my spare time, reading "A Covert Affair," about Julia and Paul Child's days in the OSS. Simon and Schuster didn't proofread it as carefully as the might have; 135 pages in I have found three or four obvious errors in the text. I am toying with the idea of telling them.


  6. Howard's most first!!

    Nothing for today, and blogger is preventing me from posting anything (took me ten hours to find out what the problem was, lol!)

    Tomorrow's good to go. xox

    1. Sorry about that. I missed the 29th and didn't even know it until I popped by!