Saturday, October 23, 2010

Baby it's cold outside...


  1. Sounds like a song title to me. 8)

    And Howard is first.

  2. My computer ate the music I spent all night working on. Fortunately, though it also ate the lyric, that was retrievable. But the music? Who knows if it will come back into my mind. *sigh*

    For anyone who may be interested, here's the lyric, still a bit rough around the edges. The working title is "Something Precious," though that is, in the manner of working titles, subject to change.

    There's something, darling, that I need to tell you
    There's something, dearest, I have got to say
    But somehow, when you're here and I am near you
    The words get stuck and jumbled on the way.

    So, while you're out, I'm writing you this letter,
    Though I've no doubt that it's the coward's path.
    But I hope that anyhow you'll read it
    And when you do, that you will understand.

    Remember how the sparks would fly with every glance?
    How every touch sped fire through our skin?
    How every kiss spun rockets through the night
    It was more than Heaven we were living in.

    Then somewhere on the way the thrill got lost.
    But still there's something precious that remains.
    You mean more to me than I can say.
    I love you.

    We settled down and made a home and family.
    Routine replaced the passion we had known.
    And when each morning and each night I kissed you,
    It didn't mean the same thing any more.

    For somewhere on the way the thrill got lost.
    But still there's something precious that remains.
    You complete myself in every way.
    I love you.

    Now as Autumn fades and we face Winter,
    I know your arms will shield me from the storm
    Together at the end as when we started
    We'll have each other's kiss to keep us warm.

    So maybe something's lost we can't recapture.
    Maybe through the years, we both have changed.
    But I wouldn't turn the clock back, Sweetheart, if I could.
    For giving you my life's the wisest choice I ever made.

    Perhaps along the way the thrill got lost.
    But still there's something precious that remains.
    I can't imagine life with-out you.
    I've twined my heart about you.
    I'm so glad you took me in and let me stay.
    I love you.-

  3. That is some kind of sweet, Cat. ♥

  4. Looking like one pretty day! And into at least next Friday! Think I kin live wit it, lol!

  5. *blush* Thanks, Puddle. ♥

  6. Not too sunny here, but mild. That's a good thing. I'm not quite ready for full blown winter.

  7. OH JOY!! Just came back in from, erm, "gardening". . . . Took the crowbar and my gardening gloves out to pry loose some of the bigger rocks that'll cause holes in the grass on the parking lot, and move them over to the new garden border. . . . And looked, and then looked again. About half of the iris are sprouting! Did some digging around, and actually found pockets of *dirt* as well as some of the stones from the older border/tiers. I'm going to have to lift the iris because the level of the new garden will be about a foot higher, but for this winter, I'll work around them as they are: mark and mulch, and lift them next summer.

    listener was right, lol!

  8. Wow! That's great!

  9. Wow! It's not every day someone says I was right! LOL! I'm going to celebrate for me as well as for YOU!! :-) I'm tickled you get to keep some of your beauties!! ♥

  10. Lovely! I don't know how you manage it, Cat, but you have a way of saying heartfelt things that that comes across sounding real...grounded.

  11. How ironic that the front page photo is of Daughter's woodpile.
    I posted it while at home, then we came to visit.
    Wouldyoubelieve, today my Squeeze and Son*in*Maine made a huge wooden "cradle" to fit two cord of wood?
    That porch you see in the photo gets filled first, but they'll need more than it can hold, hence the "cradle."
    Meanwhile, I primed the new Back House door, and played a lot with Youngest*Granddaughter.
    Her Mama and older sister have been in Florida since Wednesday, visiting Disney World...back tomorrow.
    Five days and four nights is a long time for a fourteen-month-old to wait to see Mom.
    She has done really well, all things considered. ♡

  12. Go, listener!

    *happy dance*

  13. You know, Cat, speaking as someone who's been married almost 45 years, that's a great song!

  14. Thank you, listener♥

  15. Ally update at baby ~~

  16. And Grandkitty? Don't forget Grandkitty.


  17. Ally update at baby ~~

  18. Bill, thank you so much.

    You guys are very kind and encouraging. Yet, at the same time I trust you. I know you're not "just saying it," which sort of makes my heart swell.

  19. She's ADORABLE! =^. .^=