Sunday, November 30, 2008

"Submarine Service"

This was one of the posters on the wall where we ate our Thanksgiving buffet--a restaurant near the airport with a World War II theme. The caption on this particular poster reads, "He volunteered for submarine service".

As I was standing in line for the buffet, I heard the man standing behind me comment that "submarine service" sounded like a euphemism for something dirty. I giggled, and made a mental note to share that funny line with Demetrius. But then the man continued to speak, and I turned around, realizing that it *was* Demetrius saying something funny. But I hadn't been aware of him getting up to go to the buffet immediately after I got up, so I really did think I was hearing a quip from someone else at the restaurant.

I guess it's reassuring to know that there are at least a few entertaining compensations when one's mind begins to go... ;)


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