Saturday, September 23, 2006


I was just going to go with "Open Thread", since I had a couple things to comment on, and since, after hours of working on the blog template, my brain is kind of fried. But after reading some of the posts at puddle's blog, I really felt like I needed a more meaningful title. Or nothing at all. I finally went with "Thread", because it is short and simple, but evokes, for me, anyway, the delicate, invisible strands that mysteriously connect us to each other.

Anyway, please do check out pyzch to see puddle's new posts about Edwin.

Because so many people have reported having trouble getting this blog to load properly, I started trying to tweak it, and eventually found myself working on a complete template overhaul. I'm working on it over at the old site, trying to make sure I work out any bugs before I transfer the new template over here.

Finally, I've posted more about the fair elections panel over at Buckeye State Blog.

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