Saturday, January 28, 2006

Some diaries worth reading

I don't really have time to pull together a post with actual sentences and paragraphs, but I *do* have some links I would like to draw attention to. So let me just do that.

We OWN THE GOOD FIGHT! by susanhu

Steve Elmendorf is in need of a can of whoopass, if anyone has one handy...

The Fight is On: Hillary, Feinstein, Kerry for FILIBUSTER (ACTION!) by judybrowni

Dangerous New Wingnut Meme: Syria has Saddam's WMD! by soj

Dems want to have some Bible classes in schools...GOP cries foul. by madfloridian

From The American Prospect : Dems Don't Know Jack "A new analysis of Abramoff tribal money by a nonpartisan firm shows it's a Republican scandal."

Just like Howard Dean said.

Time for Us to Support Cegelis by Michael in Chicago

Help me get Ann Coulter Frogmarched by WhatAboutOsama

And please recommend this Kos diary by Andrew C. White:
Motion to Dismiss: Courts already ruled against Warrentless electronic surveillance - pt. 1

Update...Aldon Hynes just passed along this link
Ned Lamont wants to "rock the boat" by: spazeboy
Ned Lamont is considering a primary challenge to Joementum Lieberman. The diary at My Left Nutmeg that Aldon linked includes a picture of Aldon's adorable daughter Fiona with Ned Lamont.

Update by Corinne -- Dean supports the Alito filibuster "Asked about the possibility of a filibuster to stop the nomination, Dean said, 'we have to do whatever we have to do. I don't have a say in whether we have a filibuster but I am very supportive of what Sen. Kennedy and Sen. Kerry are doing.' "

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