Thursday, January 26, 2006

Howard Dean on The Today Show

As many in the blogosphere now know, Howard Dean was interviewed by Katie Couric on The Today Show this morning.

Here's a link to the post "DNC Chairman Howard Dean on NBC Today Show"

This morning, DNC Chairman Howard Dean sat down with NBC's Katie Couric on the Today Show to discuss several important issues facing the American people and their priorities.
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I just finished watching the video of the interview. It sure was nice of Ken Melhman to write up those questions ahead of time for Katie. That must save her a lot of needless time and effort. I hope she wrote him a nice thank-you note.

Corinne notes that Think Progress also has the video, which will be handy for people who don't get a chance to watch it until later--I don't know how long the video at MSNBC will stay up. You need Quicktime to watch it. Also from Think Progress:
Katie then cited a Center for Responsive Politics study as her evidence, but a look at CRP's website (here and here) show that Democrats accepted no money from Abramoff.

See also: Today Show's Katie Couric slanders Democrats by CarolynC967
For the second time in a week, Katie Couric illustrates the right-wing bias in the media. This AM in her interview with Howard Dean, she adamantly repeated Rove & Co.'s assertion that Democrats as well as Republicans have taken Abramoff money. When Dean protested, she got tense and said it would have to be looked into and shared with all the Today Show viewers.
Write to Today and tell them that they need to do that, fairly and objectively, and present the truth on the air, along with her retraction and apology for slandering all the Democrats with charges of corruption. Contact her at

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