Monday, July 10, 2017

Blue behind the Gray


  1. Left a comment at the end of the previous thread. Also ordered from some good watercolors to use after learning with the inexpensive student set I purchased at the local art store yesterday. Also a book on mixing watercolors via, and have an order in progress for a couple of good brushes (there is a bit of a problem with the shipping arrangements that will have to be straightened out).


    1. Alan, you have the most varied and interesting, er, interests.

  2. Alan, we're going to need a few photos of your work for the front page.

    I left a comment on the last thread just now, as well.

  3. Speaking of blue behind the gray, today we learned that DT, Jr. met with a Russian lawyer during the campaign to try to get dirt on Hillary. *BREAKING NEWS* is that Jr. was told (beforehand) in an email (from Rob Goldstone) of the Russian effort to aid the DT Campaign.