Thursday, December 17, 2015

BIRD in Nest


  1. DEAN!

    We await the answer to the big question: Who won the DFA poll? Why such a long wait to hear? Is it because Bernie won and they were counting on Hillary winning? How would they spin that, with Howard definitely supporting Hillary?

    On pins and needles.

    On Thursday I have to clean house in time for a spiritual guidance meeting here, then I'm subbing at the Library into the evening. But then I just have a few details left before Christmas gatherings may begin. Ahhhhh!

    1. I don't see it as a particularly long wait. Voting only closed at midnight. No matter who won, they're going to need some hours of the business day to think about how they're going to frame it and then write the release.

      (Of course, they could have had two releases ready to go, just needing to pick the right one. As you may remember, the Chicago Tribune did that with its election-day front page in 1948. Only to have a press foreman pick the wrong one.)

    2. I thought it was midnight at the end of the 15th

      Anyway, the results are in and Bernie has WON with 87.9% of the vote!! Yeeeaaahhhhhhh!!!!

    3. The email DFA sent announcing the endorsement was absolutely inspiring. Although I already have monthly contributions to both DFA and Bernie, I gave $20 to be split between them.

      (Incidentally, that "$3 or more" ask seems almost universal among Democrats these days. I don't associate it specifically with Bernie.)

  2. Noticed them using Bernie's $3 ask. . . . To be split between them and Bernie. Now is one just gave the whole $3 to Bernie. . . .

  3. I spotted this in Mother Jones:

    This Is the Campaign That Explains Bernie Sanders
    [Click] The candidate's long road to becoming a Democrat started here.
    —By Tim Murphy


  4. Send vibes and offer prayers, if you would, for Cat's Dad. He was taken to the ER this morning, though I don't know the cause. He will be home tonight, though has to see a doc tomorrow. Hoping all is soon resolved. ♥

    1. Thank you very much, Listener. It's not as bad as it could be. Dad called the doctor's office to report blood in the urine and ask what to do. Sis went with him to the ER about 3:30 PM, as per doctor's orders. They got home about 10:00. sis told me the ER staff expected them to be there about an hour and a half. But it wasn't wasted time sitting in the waiting room. There was testing and such the whole time.

      They ruled out a lot of things and sent him home with a catheter. He has to call tomorrow morning at 9:00 to see when they want him to come in to see the urologist. The MRI showed a mass in the bladder. Naturally, both Mum and Sis are convinced it's cancer. I'm trying to think more positively. But his brother did have bladder cancer, and at about this same age. So, one can't help being concerned.

      Prayers, good vibes, etc., etc. would be very greatly appreciated. Trying to stay up beat.

    2. You have the prayers, Catreona, and they're doubled now that I know what you're dealing with. It isn't a diagnosis until it's a diagnosis. Was Dad's brother ever tested to see if his sort of cancer is genetic? That might shed some light. Meanwhile, as you say, keep the beat high. ♥ ♡ ♥

    3. I did a quick google search, and it is possible to have a benign mass in the bladder. Hang in there.

      Plus, please know that even if it were that doesn't mean it's fatal. Here's what one woman wrote:

      'Bladder cancer can be fatal BUT if you stay on top of it by being scoped every 3 mo then every 6 mo for the 5 years, then you a very good chance that it will stay under control. My husband has had bladder cancer since he was 28 years old. He is now 47 and it hasn't spread."

      I hope that helps you sleep tonight! ♥