Sunday, February 17, 2013

Alan's Tulip Tree! (double click to enlarge)


  1. GORGEOUS tree, Alan; and all the more amazing when viewed from a white landscape! I very much like the roof and the trim colour too. Thanks for sharing. It's posted full size, so a double-click on the photo will enlarge it considerably. Enjoy!

  2. I like the tree, the house, the landscaping and the proprietor, lol!

    Bitter cold here today--didn't make it past the mid twenties, and down again to teens tonight.

  3. Thank you all.

    Good trip to visit with Naomi and do a bit of shopping in San Jose. Traffic was moderately heavy on the freeways at times, both going and returning. Pizza for dinner tonight. We got back about 2:30 PM, and the flowers of the tulip tree had opened more, and the sun was brighter, so it looked even nicer.

    I have been feeling a little "homesick" for Darkover, so pulled out one of the Darkover anthologies. Currently working on a story I have sufficiently forgotten that it is thoroughly enjoyable to re-read. I am certainly no writer, but it occurred to me that there was a certain part of the early "history" of Darkover that had not been dealt with. There was a basic story line that presented itself, but think as I might I couldn't come up any good way to give it the human and psychological interest necessary. Maybe that reflects a lack of creativity on my part…or maybe that explains why there has been no such story published. An interesting way to idle away excess brain cycles, ennyhoo.



  4. Holy Cow---bumbling around on the Internet, I found an association of descendants of the original settlers of the place in York County, Ontario where my mother's father's family came from. Sure enough, my great-great-great-grandfather's name is on the list, together with other families that became related by marriage. Also on a map, where I had deduced his land was. So now I can be fairly sure of the story of how he came to be there; he was a part of a band of colonists recruited from Germany for a settlement in New York who vamoosed to get a much better deal in Upper Canada (Ontario). It might not be impossible to find his burial place…


    P.S.: And now back to Darkover, for sure.

    1. Wow, Alan! Good for you finding even more about your ancestors!

  5. Here's the web site of the descendants of my great great great grandfather's group of colonists:

    Markham Berczy Settlers Association [Click]

    Being a relatively small number of families in a very remote place, of course there were many marriages among them--which means I must have swarms of unsuspected (and unsuspecting) relatives, both by marriage and blood, who can be identified borough the association. Blows one away, it does...

    It seems they have a Facebook page. I have avoided Facebook like the plague because of security concerns and my ingrained tendency to avoid anything that is too popular. But this tempts me sorely. I looked through the security settings info online, and they seem extensive if one so desires. But I'm still not at all sure how it works. Aha! I'll bet YouTube has a demonstration. I'll probably do it, just for that one site, with security settings cranked up.